BlogRush, Well I Am In!

BlogRush, Well I Am In!

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BlogRushAlright, i guess i made up my mind today morning to try out John Reese creation, called BlogRush. John, as you all must be knowing is a very renowned internet marketer.

As far as the BlogRush is concerned, well it something more of content syndication network. It claims to send you free targeted traffic to your blog. It’s a simple widget. It gets hold of your blog feeds and display the latest on other people’s blog, who are already using it. Thus the free traffic. In anycase, you can know more about it on the site itself. Why i am blogging about it is, coz they said they will be reviewing my blog in next 48 hours, incase it seems fine to them, they will approve it and the widget will appear in my sidebar. Till then, you will see a simple image of blogrush. Bear it with me!

Update: 48 hours was what they said….for the records. I am pleased by their management. Two hours down the line and my blog was approved by BlogRush. You can see it working in the sidebar now. Congrats BlogRush. You just added another admirer to your network.

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