Bluestacks: You Were Signed Out Of Your Google Account

Bluestacks: You Were Signed Out Of Your Google Account

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Ummm, Bluestacks, we have a problem!

Bluestacks is computer software that runs on your Windows or Mac PC’s. The software is designed to imitate an Android Operating System thus enabling you to run Android applications on your PC. In short we can say that Bluestacks App Player is an Android Emulator.

Bluestacks is a private company and was founded in the year 2009 by Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma and the major investors include the likes of Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, among many others. The company claims that the App can run over 1 million Android games and have 400 million downloads as of today.

The company offers a paid version of Bluestacks App Player but you get everything you will need in the free version.

What’s The Use For Me?

I play a couple of mobile games (like Lord’s Mobile) and I started using the Bluestack App Player long back due to its Multi-Instance feature. I can run 4-5 instances of the same game under different accounts, simultaneously. The multi-instance features help a lot if you have farms to aid your main account.

I have four hyper resource farms that provide the goodies to my main account. I can manage them all without having to go through the trouble of logging in and logging out each and every time I have to use them.

Other features include High Definition graphics along with High FPS gameplay. These features make it a visual delight to play mobile games on my PC. I can also map the usual Gaming Controls to my keyboard and customize them as to my liking. So I can do the usual, regular, tedious tasks at a push of a key. And most importantly, I can use the inbuilt Screen Recorder to record my gameplay videos or to take beautiful screenshots at a click of a button.

There are tons of other features that will help you use your PC’s raw power to bring the best mobile gaming experience you can ever have. You can download the Bluestacks App Player here on their >> Official Website.

Bluestack Error!

The dreaded error that sometimes pops up and is simply a nightmare to deal with is the loop that you get caught in. “You were signed out of your Google account. Sign in again to continue“.

I really have no clue as to what causes this error to appear, once in a while. But I cannot log in to the instance, no matter how many times I try. I’m just stuck on the “Checking Info…” page. Here is what actually happens:

As soon as you open the App Player, you will see this error screen.

Bluestacks error: You were signed out.

Fair enough. I have been signed out. So let me just sign in again. Click “Next”. Enter your Google password and press “Next” once again and the following screen appears.

Bluestacks error 2 Step Verification

Ahh! Keep your Google account always safe. Opt for the 2-Step Verification. Enter the 6 digit verification number that has been sent to your mobile. And press “Next”.

Bluestacks error Choose account

Now comes choosing your account. I just have one here but you will have to use the appropriate one and press “OK”.

Seems like you have completed the process of signing in again using your Google account. You should be good to go now. But NO! That only happens on a good day. This is what you see next instead.

Bluestack error: Checking Info..

I am going to call this the “Blue Circle of Death”. That’s right. You are now caught in a loop. You have not been signed in. Instead you will have to stare at this screen and the blue circle for a long time. Warning: Do not get hypnotized!

So this is the Bluestacks error that has caused problems to many users. So, is the internet filled with any solution to this nasty problem. Let’s find out.

The Solution To Bluestacks Error

Most of the websites or forums will ask you to check if you have all the little software and libraries up-to-date. They are generally talking about “Google Play Games” library and your gaming app in general. Well, you wish you can check that, but you will not be able to. You need to sign in to your “Google Play Store” to perform those actions and if we remember correctly, “Signing in” is the problem we are trying to tackle. So thanks but this won’t work.

Another mentioned solution was to report the problem using the “Settings” in Bluestack. Thereafter, you just use troubleshooting and the problem gets fixed. This might work if you are having problems with a particular app or software. But we are just trying to sign in. So, this didn’t work for me. Some others suggested disk cleanup and cache cleaning. But nothing worked.

So what really works? The answer is “Nothing”. Yes. I am sorry to inform you that nothing works. But don’t lose hope. We can still solve it. We are just going to remove the Google account altogether and then add it back again. This is the only solution, so do not waste your time, and let’s get going. Here is it how that works:

Firstly, go to the “Android Settings” on your Bluestacks App Players. Its on the bottom of your Bluestacks screen in the category “More Apps”. Once there, you will see the following screen:

Bluestacks Error Sign In Solution

As suggested by the big red mark, Click on the “Accounts” icon. The next screen will show up.

Bluestacks Error Sign In Solution

Nothing important here. Just click on “Google” and you will be taken to new screen.

You will be shown your present Google account. This is the account that we need to remove, right away. In the top right-hand corner, there are three dots (marked by the big red arrow). Just click on it.

You will see the option of removing the account here. Just click it and you are done. You will be asked to sign in to Bluestacks using your Google account again and this process will go down smoothly.

No need to install Bluestacks again and no painful steps to follow. I hope this solved your issue. If you are having any other problem with Bluestacks, then let me know and we can find a solution together. Have good gaming!

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