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Fed Up Of Internet Speed

Thanks to a ship, India and some other countries are facing a terrible internet problem. Now you might be thinking that how can a ship be related to internet? Well, here is how the story goes... A ship anchoring off Egypt's Alexandria coast, cut through the Indian-owned FLAG cable and also the SEA-ME-WE…


Google Pagerank Update January’2008

Alright, so there is another Google Pagerank update. And guess what? Like we all thought, it's a crap pagerank update again. Nothing has changed with Google's attitude. I am a strong believer that Google is the best search engine on the web. It also has some great webmaster tools and great communities, recreation…


Happy Birthday “Blog”

17th December'2007. That was the actual date, the day when "Blogging" or "Blog" celebrated it's 10th birthday. 10 years back, of course there did exist, many online journals and message boards, but nothing like blogs were thought of, until one day, "Jorn Barger" coined the term "Weblog" which described the process of "logging…


Free And Quality Christmas WordPress Themes

Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping and decorations have already started. So why should webmasters stay behind. All are decorating their homes and i guess webmasters would like to decorate their websites and weblogs as well. With this thought in mind i started searching the web to find out some good wordpress…


WidgetBucks Moves A Step Ahead

    Recently, WidgetBucks announced that they will only be entertaining US and Canadian traffic for clicks etc as they thought they are the only customers who will likely buy a product from their advertisers. At that moment it looked an end for WidgetBucks as far as the international traffic was concerned. The…

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