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Blogging Is Easier Than You Thought

As many of you know, i ain't a big or professional blogger. Atleast not yet. I just started this blog. But before i made this blog, i regularly used to visit biggies like ProBlogger and ShoeMoney. I still visit them a lot. But at that time i always wished to do something similar.…


What Happened This Week?

Well, this has been a week with some important news and updates. I won't go in each and every detail, but just few tits and bits. Google continues to play childish. It again strikes directories and paid links sites. Many inner pages of directories went down to PR0 or a gray bar. Some…


Goodbye Google PageRank

No it's not that Google is ending it's PageRank system. Rather it is the webmaster community that is ending the PageRank system. Today morning, the first thing i did was to remove Google toolbar from my Firefox browser. Also, from now onwards i would support Firefox without Google toolbar. This is being done,…


SEO Book For Dominating Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is every webmaster's dream. To be a successful webmaster, one needs to have successful websites. And to have successful websites, you needs to empower your search engine optimization skills. The fact is, that Search Engine Optimization is the only way out to achieve better Search Engine rankings. If you think…

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WidgetBucks Updates Earning Reports

Finally, WidgetBucks has just updated the publishers account monthly earning reports. If you check the "My Bucks" area, you will find three kind of earnings. One would be the $25 signup bonus, which is available even now if you sign up. The second would be the earning your widget made in the month…

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