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Hey…What’s Up Doc? Redesigning?

If you have been on my blog recently, you would have noticed small changes frequently being made to my blog design. In the last few days, i have tried many new stylings for my blog. I'm pretty sure that i will stay with the present look that i have given to my blog.…


Get Discount On Your Copy Of OIO Publisher

I hope you noticed the six banner set i have placed in the sidebar. Not only does it beautify my blog a little but i am easily able to display some of my own sites and few wordpress themes and web hosting services which i appreciate. I am not using a banner script…


Google Pagerank Update April’09

If you are a regular blogger, you must have noticed that i have been frequently blogging about Google Pagerank each and every time it's updated. So here i am once again blogging about it. Google just updated Pagerank of various website all along the web world, today itself and thus this Pagerank known…


Sharat Jaswal.Com An Authority Site

Last year, on 10th March i blogged something similar when my Ally Directory became an authority site, i.e. a website that Google shows up in search results with few Sitelinks. Almost an year later, my personal blog becomes an authority site as well. :) As mentioned an year ago, the term that…


Move On From Twitter To Twitter Plus

As many of you must be knowing, twitter is THE next best thing that happened to internet social networking. Other social networking sites like MySpace and Google Orkut, etc may simply are fading out slowly and will soon go down as memories. I do not mean to say that those networking sites weren't…

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