A web directory is an online catalog or a list of websites that are organized into categories and sub-categories. They usually list websites of people or businesses. The listing of a particular website includes various elements like Title of the website, Link to the website along with a description that basically jots down the theme of the website and it’s contents.

There are three types of web directories:

Free Submission: The submission of your websites in these directories are free. That means there is no charge for review as well as submission of the website.

Paid Submission: These directories are generally well looked after and spam-free. The review of your listings in these directories requires a charge that can be either one time or recurring. Once the listing is reviewed by an editor like myself, your website’s listing will be live on the said directory. Due to paid nature of the directory, only serious website owners get the listing. That assures that the spam sites and useless sites stay out of the directory (which may not the case be with the free directories).

Bid For Position Directories: Bidding directories are the directories where the listing of the websites are ordered according to the bid amount by the advertiser. In other words, the more the buyer pays, the higher his/her website is shown the list on the directory. The advantage of being higher on the list is that people who browse the directory are more likely to hit the topmost of the listings in the directory or category.

You may want to check out my directory: Ally Directory. It was established in 2006 and since been one of the most popular directories that stood test of time.

Ally Web Directory
Ally Web Directory