Simply, The Easiest Quiz Of All

Simply, The Easiest Quiz Of All

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Common Sense For Easiest Quiz
No Brainstorm

Somethings in life may look pretty easy, pretty obvious.

Here is one example of quiz, that might make you think that you know it all. Probably if you just use your common sense, this would look to be the most easy question and answers of all. But is it really so? There is only one way to find out….

I am putting all the questions and then followed by the answers. Just go through the questions one by one, if possible write down your answer and then cross check with the answers that i have written. Afterwards…. I hope you will be honest to yourself and won’t cheat.

Besides, this is going to be a fun game. Try yourself and then let your friends know about it. 🙂

Alrighty, Good luck to everyone. Here we go:


  1. How long did the hundred years war last for?
  2. From which of the animals, do we get cat gut?
  3. What is Camel’s hair brush made of?
  4. What is the color of black box in a commercial plan?
  5. Which country produces the Chinese gooseberry?
  6. The Canary Islands in The Pacific are named after which animal?
  7. In which month do the Russians celebrate October Revolution?
  8. Which country makes the Panama hats?
  9. What was King George VI’s first name?
  10. What color is a purple finch?

That’s it. I hope you have written down all your answers.

Pretty simple right? I mean, seems like most of the solutions are answered in the question itself. This is just common sense game and if i am right, you might be thinking you have scored 10 out of 10. A perfect score.

Well, let’s see the answers now…..


  1. Hundred years war lasted for 116 years actually.
  2. Catgut is a type of cord and we get it from sheep and horses.
  3. Definitely not from camel’s hair. It’s made out of squirrel’s fur.
  4. Black? well no… It’s orange. Atleast i got this one right.
  5. Not in China. New Zealand is the place you were looking for.
  6. Sorry, it’s not the sweet canary birds. It’s actually Islands of Dogs.
  7. October Revolution is actually celebrated in November. I don’t know why.
  8. Ecuador in South America is the answer to your Panama hats.
  9. I hope you didn’t answer “King” and instead answered “George”. Well it’s “Albert” .
  10. Purple finch is crimson in color. Sorry.

Okay, so how many did you get? Honestly, i knew Black Box in an airplane is Orange in color. But for the rest of it, i guess used my common sense more than my intelligence.

Lesson learned: You might just think that you’re doing the right thing, just because the path in front of you appears easy and obvious. But still think before you leap, as it may not be the right path to chose. Hope i made some sense here. If not, then i hope you had fun with the puzzle. Do let me know how many correct answers you had in there.

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  1. Sharat, sorry to disappoint you. Since I had already seen this quiz a few times, I did not even attempt it.

  2. LOL!!! Not a problem Nicole. I am sure it would still be new and exciting for many people. Obviously those who haven’t seen it before….

  3. Why have you removed the Top Commentators’ List?

  4. I haven’t removed anything Nicole. I am facing severe server issues from last 7 days. And my blog along with 3 other sites seems to be the main cause. So am making some changes.

    As for the top commentators thingy, it’s not showing up coz of too much garbage in my /tmp folder. Once it gets flushed out, the categories and the widgets will start functioning normally again

  5. The price of successful blogging! It is back today.

  6. Come on Sharat, it is already the 7th and you have not posted anything new as yet!

  7. That’s a great questions & answers 😉

  8. Sharat, this one is pretty old now but it is still interesting. It can be use as to fool the people who acts as they know everything. 🙂

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