Flipkart.com Goes Down With “Currently Unavailable” Items

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Flipkart.com is one of India’s biggest online shopping websites. You can get great deals on this website as it offers great products from various niche at very competitive prices.

For such a giant of a company, very strange thing is happening at this moment. All the products on the website are shown as “Currently Unavailable”

Here is some of the section I was browsing.

Flipkart Currently Unavailable

Flipkart Currently Unavailable


Let’s see if the company decides to reveal what actually happened there. An upgrade to the website seems to be the most probable reason. Or it can be that the website was hacked. Whatever the case be, we will soon find it out. Will update here as soon as I hear something from the friends at Flipkart.com

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  1. Imran Ahmad Bhat says:

    Dear sir, why there is no item available in my area PULWAMA(192303)

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