Frozen II Movie Folder Icons

6 Beautiful Frozen II Movie Folder Icons

In November 2019, Walt Disney released the highly anticipated sequel to the widely popular “Frozen” film. “Frozen II” features the same beloved animated characters, including Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf. The original movie was a cultural phenomenon, largely due to Queen Elsa’s hit song, “Let It Go,” which captivated audiences in 2013. However, despite the immense popularity of the first movie, I have not yet seen “Frozen II” and do not plan to. As is often the case with sequels, my expectations are low, and reviews of the film have been generally unremarkable, averaging a rating of 6/10. For those who are still interested, the movie trailer is available to view.

Frozen II Movie Trailer

Frozen II Movie Folder Icons

frozen II movie folder icons

There are six Frozen II movie folder icons for your choosing. In the .zip file, I have included 512 x 512px .png files as well as 256 x 256px .ico icon files. Just use whichever icon you like. Use the .png file in case you use macOS. Choose your favorite website to convert the .png file to Mac compatible file.

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