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Google PageRank Update

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google-pr.jpgO Boy! It’s 12:00 Midnight of 27th October’07. I guess i am among the very few people who see the actual PR update happening. It’s updated on just two datacenters. Huh? This updates sucks more than any other. Sigh….Google thinks they still deserve PR10. Wash your face and wake up! You have a ridiculous homepage and what stupid algo’s you run. Why do you guys think that you deserve a PR10. Huh? Talk about quality mark!

This update has not been good for my old sites. Yeah, it’s pretty okay for the new sites, but what… PR0 to PR2 or PR3’s. Google needs a THUMBS DOWN for this update!!!!!! 🙁

Update: Boooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Google gives a PR9 from PR10. Huh? What’re you running google? Jealous Algorithms? Huh and a Huh?

Share With Your Family & Friends!!!

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