Green Leaves WordPress Theme

Green Leaves WordPress Theme

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Sitting idle, thinking what to do. I decided to start making some new wordpress themes. It’s called the Green Leaves wordpress theme. It’s a pretty neat and clean theme. Has lot of space. The sidebars and text area are well balanced. Basically, a two column wordpress theme. The theme is not very complex. It’s simple, yet sweet….I guess.

Know what? Please try this theme. At least once. I would definitely like to hear from you. It would be a moral booster. Thanks in advance. Here is the quick preview of the theme:

Green Leaves WordPress Theme

Preview Link: Click Here.

Download Link: Click Here.

Credits: Designed by Sharat Jaswal & WordPress Theme.

Green Leaves, being my first theme, i would request people who use it, not to remove the credits from footer.

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  1. Thanks a ton. Looks clean, will use it

  2. Sharat, I use your template for my wifes blog. I am wondering where you got the original gree leaves images that you use behind the header, etc.

    I need a full size version (400×600 px or larger) for other images that I want to create to keep “in theme”. Can you send me a link to the original?


  3. Hello Peter. I have mailed you the image to your mail id! Good day!

  4. I am thinking about bringing out a Green Leaves v2.0. Hang on!

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