HTC One X : Overview

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The HTC ONE X has the sleekest design amongst all the HTC phones. The HTC ONE X has the best processor with a combination of HD screen and a classy look. As already mentioned the screen is large and the processor makes it a complete computer that is handy and can be carried around easily. The powerful, useable and slick handset of HTC ONE X is priced according to its best quality.

The design is slightly different from the HTC phones that have launched before HTC ONE X. It is a slick design with smooth lines that are a feature of HTC devices. One thing that holds many buyers back from buying it is the size of the phone but then again the large screen is a plus point as well. Ladies might not want such big phone; the HTC ONE X screen is almost 4.7 inches in size whereas the thickness of the phone is 8.9mm. The phone’s screen and the technology really bring games and movies to life. Although the screen sharpness is not as strong other phones of its kind from different companies but the screen is larger than theirs. The HTC ONE X is one of those devices that you would love in the shop but the colours of the display may disappoint you when you bring it home but keep in mind that the technology is superior than the colours; so HTC ONE X is a must have.

The volume rocker switch on the right side of HTC ONE X and a 3.5 mm headphone jack along with a micro USB slot on the left side, which makes the mobile so handy that you can use it as a computer, music box and you, can also connect the HTC ONE X with the TV. This feature makes it very different from other phones therefore many want the masterpiece by HTC that is HTC ONE X.

One more feature that will excite all those who want the HTC ONE X is that the phone has a 32GB storage within the phone but for those who are an on-going user of a smart phone might need up to 64GB storage space.

Along with the other features one more exciting feature is that, the device can capture your memories in a very precise and perfect manner. The 8MP camera with a slightly high technology that doesn’t affect the camera or the phone too much when used often is the feature that excites those who have a passion for photographer.

All the music lovers will definitely want HTC ONE X because besides sleek looking and lightweight phone it has beat audios, which produces the best sound in the entire class and creed of phones. If music your passion then HTC ONE X will become your additional passion. The HTC ONE X will be one of the favorite devices for you with the most amazing features with the best audios and the high megapixel camera with a large screen and a smooth surface. The white surface is hard to be cleaned so put a case on your HTC ONE X to avoid the dirty fingerprint smudges.

Hey, The Dropbox contract (25GB free) is the cherry on the cake. However, HTC phones have inherent problem with battery life. Though of late they have addressed this issue. I am yet to see how a 1800mAH battery performs with this giant beast.

All in all, it is an awesome phone, However, i’d still go with iPhone 4S/5 (which i already have) or if i’d been screen size crazy, i had gone with Samsung Galaxy Note. Still a good buy at 35k INR. It’s probably not for me but i would definitely recommend it.

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  1. Will htc sync pc suite work for htc one x.

  2. This is cool phone, but I still advice to go for Galaxy S4.
    What you say?

  3. HTC, nothing like anything! All the cellphones are unique in a way. HTC is what one should buy

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