Lewis Hamilton: The Youngest World Champion?

Lewis Hamilton: The Youngest World Champion?

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Formula 1 is all set for a nail biting finish in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s the final race today and the stakes are high. The race is so complicated and so much depends on this final race. It is going to be very very exciting.

Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes)
Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes)

Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Driver) stands at number 1 in the ranks, followed closely by Ferrari’s Driver, Felipe Massa. Well how close? Too close for anyone’s comfort. The difference only being 7 points. If you are new to this game, here is the thing you should know. The guy who finished first gets 8 point and the guy finishing second gets 7. So putting it simply, if Felipe Massa fails to finish today’s race in top two positions, then it is guaranteed that Lewis Hamilton would win. Lewis has to be in top 7 at least for a clean win. And of course, he is the favorite to win the championship. But you never know how thrilling it could be. Because Felipe Massa has just grabbed pole position in this final race qualifying and what’s even more frightening, well it’s Massa’s home soil. Plus, Hamilton will start from fourth position behind Massa, Jarno Trulli and defending champion plus Massa’s partner,Kimi Raikkonen. (Oucchhh….gives me goosebumps)

Lewis Hamilton is just 23 yrs old. If he wins this championship, he will be crowned as the youngest formula 1 champion.  Others are not going to make it weasy for him. That’s why the race is going to be even more exciting.

BTW, in Constructor Standings, Ferrari has already made it to Rank 1 and it will stay on that position even after the race. Ferrari has 156 points followed by McLaren at 145 and lastly followed by Force India with 0 points 😆

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  1. This is a new side to your personality! For the world of it however, I cannot get myself enthused about this sport!

  2. Ummm… i won’t say it’s a new side of me. I actually love to watch Formula One races, more than Cricket. And even football as long as it is English Premier League (EPL).

    Among the initial posts in this blog, you will find me talking about cars and F1. I have always loved McLaren Mercedes ever since it was driven by likes of Mika Hakinnen (retired) and David Coulthard. But it’s true that you will find it as a new interest of mine because i haven’t blogged about it in the entire season 🙂

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