Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

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I just took my gaming to the next level with the MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse by Logitech. I don’t know why but i have always been into Logitech mice since long. It’s hard to trust anyone else as i personally believe Logitech is the best in this special area. Besides, i have had my own agendas with another popular brand which i cannot name probably because of brand copyright issues.

In the past, i had never given any importance to mouse device whatsoever. I have always bought the ordinary simple Logitech Optical Mouse PS/2. That’s the simplest branded mouse available in market. Anyways, the way i use these mice, none has a lifespan of more than 6 months, whatsoever. So this time i decided to get something better. Something mean. Something more elegant…. So i checked up Logitech’s website and found some 3 or 4 great mice. My favorite one was a Logitech G5 Laser Mouse but i guess it wasn’t available. So i ended up selecting Logitech MX518 Mouse.

I have been using this mouse for a while now. And yes, it’s lot more comfortable, lot elegant and really comfortable. I can honestly feel the difference compared to any other conventional mice. I can feel it in my hand and in my game. Okay, these are wordings from the MX518 Mouse Box…but i feel the same way, so i don’t mind repeating these wordings.

The Logitech official website for some unknown weird reason says that MX518 has a 1600-dpi MX™ Optical Engine, whereas, in reality it has 1800-dpi MX™ Optical Engine. This actually helps in ultra-high resolution and pixel-precise tracking, so i don’t mind the extra 200 dpi coming in… It’s all good. It has a 8 button design which is all programmable, so this way i take full control of what all my mice can do. These 8 buttons include the two thumb buttons and the scroll wheel. You can see the following pics i just took for the rest of buttons location and integration.

As for the shape of the mouse, it looks pretty cool. It’s lightweight and dome shaped that really fits in precisely in my hand. Such shape supports the hand, helping to reduce discomfort during long gaming/work sessions. And the movement of the mouse on my table is really smooth compared to the other mice i had. It’s because of some ultra-slick polytetrafluoroethylene feet. I really have no idea what that means however i can break it up into Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene. 😉

I think i should mention the adjustable sensitivity of this mouse. I can shift from pixel-precise targeting to high-G maneuvers, without pausing the action. I can crank the tracking engine up as high as 1800 dpi for quick movements and fast turns. Or i can go as low as 400 dpi for more accuracy and precision aiming. All this can be done from the easily accessible dpi switching buttons that you can see just above and below the scroll wheel. So now i can adjust sensitivity on the fly!

Time for some non-professional pictures of Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse:

Alright some people wouldn’t care about the whole review that i have written. For them here is a complete Specifications list of MX518:


Resolution : 1800 dpi
Image Processing: 5.8 megapixels/second
Maximum Acceleration: 15G
Maximum Speed: 40 inches/second


USB Data Format : 16 bit/axis
USB Report Rate: 125/second
Sleep Mode: Disabled


Total Weight : 106 Grams
Cord : 15 grams


Button Life : 10 million clicks.
Feet : 250 kilometers.

In glide section there are some coefficients for friction. The dynamic coefficient is .09 and static coefficient is .14. Please note that these were measured on a wood veneer desk surface. Obviously other surface would have a little different friction coefficients. That concludes the brief specification.

If you liked this mouse, then do check out the “Logitech G5 Laser Mouse” as well. You will really love the looks of that mouse. Unfortunately, it’s double the price of what Logitech MX518 cost me. 😀

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