My Analysis On PageRank Update Oct’07

My Analysis On PageRank Update Oct’07

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Google PageRank UpdateAlright, Finally the Google pagerank October’2007 is through. I have been through all my websites. And the result has not been very pleasing. The new websites i had gained some PR or other. But old and established websites lost it’s PR in a big way, which unfortunately has hit me hard and made me very upset. So has been the case with many fellow members who owned some big and established websites. Again it’s a thumbs down for Google PR update. Unfortunately Google algorithms are not capable enough of distinguishig between original and copycat, good and bad, deserving and well deserved, etc etc…

After this PR update, i have analyzed few new things which i though Google prescribed for a good site (to get good ranking in SE and PR) but Google failed miserably.

Firstly, every single time someone asks as to how to get good rankings, the answer has been “Content is the King” . Well this theory can kiss my ass. Let’s admit it, Google has no content on it’s homepage. It deserves no more than PR1 or PR2. But i guess algorithms does not even consider google’s own pages. So, unfortunately it has PR10. On other hand sites like Yahoo goes down to PR9…I smell jealous google algorithms running here. Why, coz Yahoo is a better site. BOTTOMLINE!!!!!

I wish i could show you some sites of mine. One with original, information rich articles and a great resource for whole community. That site went down from PR5 to PR3. And another site, wordpress installed, default post of “Hello World” and nothing else…that damn site goes from PR0 to PR2. Ha Ha Ha…Sorry Google, but you’re way to funny! I wish to throw in some cents in your hat for the funny circus act.

Alright, what else. Link Building…Eh??? Well Google is against paid links. Probably it doesn’t like people earn a little. It thinks that people will give free links from their sites just like that. Huh? Why not? In that case let me see, since paid links are not allowed, i am expecting Google to give me a free homepage link just for my thoughts.

I don’t understand how these paid links, should matter Google. If it effects the way your search engine rankings work, well that’s your problem. The simple thing is to get your algo’s working right. You have so many purchased intelligent minds. Pick up the URL’s from sites, not the anchor text, work out your way yourself but instead you start making a mess of others life. What did you get? Nothing… What did others get…. monetary problems, tensions, headaches, disappointing days, etc etc.

I am getting angrier writing all this stuff, so i will cut down this analysis short. However i would like to mention one strong point here. Google’s Directory takes away all it’s content and categories and blah blah from Dmoz directory. And guess what, it’s PR8….Huh?

Bottomline: Big G, You’re going down in most hated list of webmasters.

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