Namaste, Apologies And A Promise

Namaste, Apologies And A Promise

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Hi, Hello, Salaam, Namaste to all my friends and visitors. Many of you guys must be thinking that i have probably left blogging and web development business, or maybe i am dead or something, and i don’t blame you to think on that lines. It’s all my fault. I was a frequent blogger and as i see year 2010 on, well, one article was posted in January and then two in March and honestly, all three articles were useless crap as well. I wanted to end the blogging business in January but i came back in March. It was because of you that i came back. The comments, the emails, the instant messengers chats, i wasn’t able to stay back, so i did come back. But my mind was somewhere else, all the time. So the third post was nothing but simply a funny email about questions and answers, which i of course rewrote and added to my blog.

So you see, what crap i have been doing on this blog in 2010? And it’s not just what crap i have been posting, the most embarrassing part is that you all have built a trust in me and you know that i am not a guy who rewrite articles or post crap on my blog. That’s why you all guys are here and hopefully still waiting for some action on my blog. I am seriously sorry. I apologize to all, whom i have let down.

But i dare to say and i do mean it when i say, that i certainly am coming back to blogging. I have got my head straightened out. I am focused. I know exactly what i am doing now and i again really feel like blogging. It’s all coming from my heart. I hope no one asks me where the hell i have been or what went wrong, because i am seriously not going to go back into that past. But what i CAN promise is that i will blog as frequently as someone should. will be my number one priority and i will never let any doubts crop up again when your faith in me and my blog comes in question.

Also, i am thinking of a blog redesign. Probably you guys wanna put in your suggestions as well. I really would like to see few of advice from you guys! Thanks!

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  1. Namasteji Siriman,

    Nice to meet you, or your blog, anyhow. I look forward to reading your blog.

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