Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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Last January, i bought an Apple iPhone, which was then known as God of all cellphones. Well, i would have to say it was King of all phones back then. But every King’s reign has to come to en end sooner or later. Honestly, i got bored of iPhone. I can point out two reasons at this point of time. Firstly, it was almost an year and i couldn’t find anything amazing or any new updates that could have ket me interested. Secondly, me, myself being a music lover expected lot of things from iPhone. I know that no other phone can beat the iPod application in iPhone but what good is it when you can’t even hear it loudly and clearly.

Few days back, my friend Sumit Bahl bought Nokia E71. The phone looked real thriller compared to iPhone. Plus the quality and volume of music was mind boggling. But the small QWERTY keypad delayed my buying decision. So i started looking for alternatives. Initially i was looking for something with touch screen technology. So i checked out Sony Erricsson’s XPERIA. Undoubtedly a great slide phone. But it was just a little too much on the bulky side. No doubt my friends call it a Brick. Moving on i went to Nokia center to check out Nokia 5800 or NokiaTube. It looked all good on Nokia’s official site. And i was pretty sure i will go for it. But damn! Have you seen a high range Nokia phone with a cheap plastic body. Yuck! It looked like 25 years old and had absolutely no appeal compared to what it looked like online. So i moved on and went to a HTC retailer. I checked out two phones named “HTC Touch Pro” and “HTC Diamond“. Both of them look absolutely fantastic. But oh my… The prices were sky high. Apart from these i found no other cell phone as per my requirements.

Disappointed and depressed i came back home. Next day i went onto play snooker along with few other friends and there i had some time to check out Sumit Bahl’s Nokai E71. AndΒ  honestly, it felt pretty good. Due to the QWERTY nature of the keyboard i got my hands set on the messaging and other applications pretty fast. Plus i have had many Nokia’s before iPhone. So all in all, it was a great phone that nearly matched my needs. So i said “To hell with touch screen” and after the snooker i went to Nokia dealer to get myself a Nokia E71. inally, i got the handset i was looking for. Priced at INR 20,400 it definitely is a great buy. I had to visit certain Nokia dealers in order to get myself a white colored Nokia E71. No offence to black color E71 users, but the white colored handset looked pretty smart. Enough of the story. Bottomline, i bought my new Nokia E71 two days back and already have my stuff onto it. My younger brother, Rajat Jaswal, is the new owner of the iPhone now.

I am ending this post with some pics of my new handset. If you want to read the features of this phone, then go ahead and visit Nokia’s official site because it’s really not possible to write about all the features of this great handset. Of course if you have the same cell phone and are facing some difficulties with some application, then feel freeΒ  to ask me about it. I will try my best to provide the solution for you! πŸ™‚

Share With Your Family & Friends!!!

11 thoughts on “Nokia E71

  1. Congrats on the purchase πŸ™‚
    Its one of my favorite phones, and if you had asked for suggestions, i would have suggested E71 for a new one!

  2. I must say you are very choosy. But, at that price, it is nothing wrong to be choosy. At least you get what you really wanted. I’m thinking of getting iPhone 16gb.. what do you think about it?

  3. Congratulations for your buy. I was looking for reviews of E71 because I want to purchase one for myself. I appreciate your honest review and also I like your points of view.

  4. The phone is great, more to be used with text applications and has a lot to say at the connections section. It’s a good business phone that I thought about buying, but the only thing that kept me from purchasing it was the SAR level that is quite high on this Nokia device. And my end decision on the phone was a Nokia N95 8Gb plus a Nokia bluetooth wireless keyboard for longer text inputs.

  5. Thanks Chetan. Your vote on E71 gives me some satisfaction on my purchase decision.

    Nicole, Yes, the phone is bit expensive but i also sold my previous three phones i.e. Nokia 3600, Sony Ericsson S500 and Sony Ericsson W550. So this phone wasn’t an expensive buy. Moreover last year i bought 18k iPhone so 20K didn’t appear tto be too much considering the features and application it supports. I can call it as a webmaster phone even because of email features and QWERTY based keyboard. I think it’s worth every penny i spent πŸ™‚

    Alex, I am glad i could help you in some way! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

    Radu, i agree it has too many application in connection category. And most of them are pretty useful. Specially when my home is fully Wi-Fi. As for Nokia N9, it is a great phone. Slider phones are my weakness :). Wireless keyboard must be a real pleasure, specially for longer text inputs or group messaging.

  6. I cant wait. This is the phone i have been waiting for. I hope its coming out like yesterday. One thing i didnt see mentioned in the review was the interface speed. Does it crawl like the E61 and E62? Or is it so fast that there is no comparison? I hope its coming to ATT or T-Mobile very soon.

  7. Hi Monica (Just guessing your name from your email id)
    Well E-71 is the fastest among all Nokia E-series cell phones. It is a successor of E61/62 and comes with more features, better interface and faster performance. It is definitely pretty fast but still not a rocket! πŸ™‚

  8. Atniz, i am sorry but i just noticed your comments today. They went into Akismet spam and i am really not sure why it happened.
    As for iPhone 16GB, i think it’s an excellent choice. I really do like iPhone even now after i have already used it for an year. Perhaps my younger brother is much happier with it because of all the new software that are slowly coming up.

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