Not Surprised! But New WordPress Is Out!

Not Surprised! But New WordPress Is Out!

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Recently i wrote how good the new wordpress 2.5 was in each and every aspect.  But it has a such a big security issue. Only advance techies noted that. And then of course there was the media library upload issue with wordpress 2.5.

Anyways, with many bigs and problems and reports, WordPress had to come with a new version and today they launched the new version 2.5.1. Three big bug fixes including the media bug, one major security fix and around 70 other bugs fixed. This is what you will be getting in 2.5.1

I think i read somewhere that they also enhanced performance for Dashboard, writing post,editing comments and widgets administration. Good thing is that new wordpress has the fix for Internet Explorer layouts issues. So probably, this is a much more stable release. And it’s not a rocket science, but you better upgrade your bloggies to this version fast. At least for the security issue sake! Good luck!

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  1. Actually the new release had also given problems to many bloggers including me, but someone had found a fix a fix for that in the support forums.

  2. I saw the support forums Chetan. There were two fix only. One i have already posted above which is actually a code added in the .htaccess file.
    The other one is totally disabling the media AJAX system of wordpress….not worth it!

    The new wordpress version 2.5.1 does not solve the problem either. WordPress, the best CMS script, sucks all of a sudden!

  3. Ahh…I see it now Chetan
    With wordpress 2.5.1 the only thing you are required to do is to change the permissions to the upload folder. Make it chmod 777 to /wp-content/uploads folder and all done!
    Strangely, i was never able to do it with 2.5.0. I did try doing it many times. Lol! 😆

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