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Hello friends. It’s rather been a long time again, since i blogged about something. My blog has been more of a dormant volcano. I have been posting once in a blue moon. I have run out of excuses and the fact that anyone quits blogging like me, is because of “Being Lazy”. I try to change every time. I say i will be much regular at posting and sharing my information or reviews etc, but i always fall short of keeping my promises. I am not even sure now, if i should make a promise about the same. Anyways,

Life has been good. I got married this January 30th. So life is pretty exciting at this moment. It’s a new chapter in my life and i couldn’t be happier. Probably the only thing pissing me off at this moment, is editing my profile on all those social networking sites and webmasters sites and forums and changing my marital status from Single to Married. I am using the word pissed but honestly i am not angry at all. I am changing the details because i want to. No one put a gun to my head. LOL!

Moving on to the topic. I recently made a bold move. I finally made a switch from Apple iOS to Android. It was a hard decision because i have been using Apple iPhones since late 2007. It’s been 7 years and iOS has been engraved in my brain. Making the switch to android was not comfortable. It’s scary infact. But i wanted to make some changes and this is one of them.

Honestly, i wanted to go for a Google Nexus 6. It’s a powerful beast and i really like it. Besides lot of my Android users/friends recommended this phone when i initially began the search. But a Nexus 6 is really a huge phone. So i kept my search going. Obviously, when someone is looking for the best phones available in market, then one usually filter the available options via Price tag (with highest price products shown first). Next to Neus 6, i was really impressed with yet another Motorola product, which is the Moto X and Moto G series. Awesome technology in such small price bracket. I was convinced that i will go for Moto X. But then someone told me about two new players in market. OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi4. Both these excellent phones had top of the line specifications, similar in price range and both were brilliant looking phones. These phones are a hot topic on internet as you can not get one from a nearby cellular phone retailer. It’s only available online. And that too you need an invite or a registration, respectively, to get yourself one of these phones. Anyhow, one can read the process of getting these phone in detail on their respective websites. I didn’t like Xiaomi that much to be honest. It looks like an iPhone to me and i was making a switch from iPhone itself, so it really was not moving, technically speaking. So i went for OnePlus One and thank God for that. For a change, i made the right decision.

OnePlus One
OnePlus One


I was lucky to get an invite on the same day that i decided to buy this phone. And to be honest, The moment i received the package from Amazon India, i have fallen in love with OnePlus One. An incredibly beautiful packaging. An excellent feel and finish to the phone. Even the data cable seems like something out of future, and in a good sense. The back panel is Oomph-a-licious. It’s a sandstone something product and it’s simply awesome. The grip, the handling, everything about this phone’s exterior makes you fall in love with it.

OnePlus One
OnePlus One

At this moment, this phone is running on Android 4.4.4 with a Cyanogen Operating system. I was definitely excited to see more features and enhancements and themes, etc because Apple still doesn’t let it’s user play more with settings or similar enhancements on it’s flagship iPhone. We all know how rigid iOS really is. *rant*. So, as i was saying, i am really excited with everything so new and fresh, but i really didn’t knew much about Android and if it’s performing well and all. So i met with some good friends of mine who happen to be Android users. And boy, do they love this interface and the smooth efficient performance. Even the Nexus 6 user was all gaga over OnePlus One phone. I really felt proud of my decision. I got a great phone for half the price of Nexus 6 and it was just fantastic. And yes, am loving every bit of Android as well.

The phone is really fast. It’s got a 3GB RAM. So the applications and games run flawlessly. It has a 64 GB internal memory and i think it’s more than enough to be honest. The display screen is really bright and colorful. And the sound quality and loudness is definitely better than iPhone. (Have been a fan of good volume ringers since i had Sony Ericsson back in the days). I would say though that the 13MP back camera, which boasts of a great quality pictures, was a little disappointing. It is safe to say that Apple iPhone still makes the bestest camera in phones. The quality says a lot more than amount of megapixels and OnePlus One camera, unfortunately doesn’t give you super sharp photographs. I did find the front 5 megapixel camera, good enough for sharp and clear selfies. But it’s not mind blowing. The battery life is excellent. On a heavy usage at this moment, but i am still charging this phone, once in a day. That’s a big relief. I think that on a normal usage, this battery should last 40-48 hrs easily. Only time will tell. So except for a satisfactory 13 megapixel camera, this phone is just a masterpiece and i love it.

OnePlus One
OnePlus One

If you want to read the specifications for OnePlus One then visit their official page here : OnePlus One Features.

If you are interested in this phone then do sign up and make an account on their website. And contact me for invites. I would send one if i have any at that time. But remember, the invite has to be used to make the actual purchase of OnePlus One, within 48hrs of issuing the invitation. Company policy, or more of a marketing piss off/show off strategy. Anyways, be sure you ask for invites only when you are ready to buy the phone.

In the end, i just want to say is that I simply don’t understand why OnePlus One is so inexpensive. It outperforms my Google Nexus 5 easily, in each and every department. It has brilliant looking hardware and silky smooth performance. It doesn’t even look like or feel like a first generation product from a company whose name, no one ever heard of. It’s simply filled with flagship features that will put other top brands to shame for the price it comes in. Whoever termed this phone as Flagship killer, intentionally or unintentionally, termed it perfectly right.

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  1. Positive Power says:

    It’s really nice that you blogging again! I miss your articles.

  2. Sinha says:

    My friend taken already but features are not bad… camera quality ok… finally mobile looking is very good…thanks for sharing

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