Google Friendly Web Directory?


Well, web directory is probably a common word for all webmasters in today’s date. It really needs no introduction. So i will come to point straight away. Recently, Google penalized (or whatever they call it) many of the leading web directories. Most of them were pretty big, but they witnessed huge pagerank drops and fall … Read more Google Friendly Web Directory?

Got Myself A Sony Vaio CR Notebook

Sony Vaio

Well, I haven’t been blogging since last two days. If anyone wondering where I had been, well it’s a festive season going around in my country. It’s a festival called “Diwali” and it’s pretty well known all around the globe. It’s also referred to as “Festival of Lights”. So, since it’s a festive season, it … Read more Got Myself A Sony Vaio CR Notebook

Fernando Alonso Quits McLaren

Fernando Alonso

Two Time Formula 1 Champion Fernando Alonso is leaving McLaren. Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? After a whole lot of controversial year for McLaren and Alonso, this was bound to happen. Alonso cuts short the three-year contract with McLaren after the very first year. Alonso finished third this season in overall standings behind Ferrari’s … Read more Fernando Alonso Quits McLaren