Bizarre Pepsi Flavors From Japan

Each and every country in this world has already seen many fascinating and some times bizarre flavors from one of the leading cola maker in the world, Pepsi. But you have to give it to Japan, for their most creative, crazy, inventive and most of the times, bizarre flavors of Pepsi soda. These aerated soft drinks mostly come as a limited edition, but…

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Beetroots Benefits
Beetroots Benefits

Beetroot: Health Benefits & Nutritional Information

Beetroots have been naturally growing alongside the coastlines of Asia, Europe, and North Africa for centuries. It is believed that only the Beet Greens (The leafy part of beetroots) was grown and consumed during the prehistoric era. The sweet red bulb beetroot that we consume today, wasn’t cultivated till the ancient Rome period, but that too not for consumption, but…

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