Philips SHP2700 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

Philips SHP2700 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

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Philips SHP2700 Headphones
Philips SHP2700 Headphones

I have to admit here that this is my first Philips brand device/gadget that i ever purchased. For displays, i have always trusted Samsung. For audio, Sony has been the only choice. And Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson do well when i have to look for a cell phone. So Philips never made to my list of favorites ever.

However this time around, i went on to shop for audio headphones. As i prefer Sony in this case, i went to the best-est Sony retailer andΒ  asked for a full size audio PC headphones. The only available model was Sony MDR-XB300. It is supposed to be an extra bass headphone. Apparently, i could try the headphones as for demo. The sound clarity was crystal clear, bass was as good as zero, and the maximum volume was never satisfactory. It was little disappointing as i had lot of expectations from Sony’s headphones. Unfortunately there was just one model available in the full size headphones. So i had to move on…

I tried few other shops in Chandigarh as well. But it looked like Sony was shipping only the MDR-XB300 model to Chandigarh. I had almost given up on finding some good headphones until i visited Music World. There was a whole section dedicated just for the headphones and i could see Sony, Philips, Microsoft and few other brands that i do not find worth mentioning. My first impression as i laid my eyes on Philips SHP2700 was “Wow! This looks cool”. However once again, it was difficult judging the sound quality as there was no demo available. Usually at such stores, demos/trials are least expected. I had already tried Sony headphones, so the last option i had was to compare the specifications of both the branded headphones. The frequency range for Sony was 5 to 22,000 Hz whereas that of Philips was 18 to 28,000 Hz. Amplifier power for Sony was 24 Ohms whereas that of Philips was 32 Ohms. One look at these stats and i knew i found a better headphone than Sony’s MDR-XB300. The only factor remaining was the price tag on both of these. Sony MDR-XB300 was priced at INR 1090 and Philips SHP2700 came with a price tag of INR 1495. But the price equation soon was discarded as i noticed that Sony MDR-XB300 is not even a full size headphone as it’s diameter measures 30mm. On checking Philips SHP2700, i found it measured 40mm speaker drivers. Thus it would fit the ears and cover them much better than Sony’s headphone. So without further ado and any checks on more stats, i paid for Philips headphone and brought it home.

Now what? I unpacked the headphones as soon as i came home. Surprisingly, it had single cable and not the Y shaped cable which i didn’t notice while purchasing. I prefer single cables with headphones so that was good. The cable length turned out to be 3 meters which is pretty damn long. That’s not a bad thing but perhaps is not required. Now it was time to plug-in the headphones and see what it could do. With full volume on my PC and on Winamp, i wasn’t expecting too much loudness in the music, specially after the disappointment by Sony’s headphone. But believe it or not, i had to take off the headphones as soon as the music started. It was too loud and i simply couldn’t bear it. I was lot happy with the loudness. The box came with an additional adaptor for the wire. The default size is 3.5mm and that of additional adapter/converter was 6.3mm. The headphones looks damn good as well.

One thing i do need to mention is that there should have been a volume controller on the headphones. I always have to turn down the volume on winamp or youtube or other media players as on 100% volume, it really becomes very unpleasant. Fact is that you may be able to listen to music at loud volume. But i don’t think anyone can watch movies or videos on that volume. Sounds a little insane. Also, the box says that you can listen to hours on this headphone. Well it’s not cent percent true. In summers, your ears will become so hot that you won’t be able to wear it continuously for even couple of hours. Of course this is based on personal experience so you better believe it.

Anyways, i think i finally made a good buy in the end and with that i got my first Philips product in my gadget galleria. πŸ˜‰

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12 thoughts on “Philips SHP2700 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

  1. All full size headphones will make your ears sweat. Its a fact, generally.
    And single cable is a good thing.
    And the other brand not worth mentioning was TECHNICS, which is basically Panasonic.
    They have good products, but a little high-end.

    Congrats on your buy. I am sure they are definitely better than sony, cause I am already using MDR-XB300. As you mentioned, clarity is good, but no bass no loudness. I also have a noise canceling Sony headphones, which are pretty amazing. Do check them out.

  2. Yes, the single cable is good. After reading your comment i realized that in the post i have not mentioned how i feel about the single cable, so now i have edited the post.

    Now that you mentioned it, i remember Technics headphone were there as well. But highly expensive at INR 3500 i guess.

    No product can beat Sony in sound clarity! No one has and probably no one will. Sony was my first preference, you know that. πŸ™‚

  3. I have had to buy several pairs of stereo headphones over the years. Has anyone ever had this happen?: I will have a pair of stereo headphones, use them on a regular basis, then all of a sudden one side will go out. Either the Left side or Right side will go completely dead. So I will be stuck with a pair of headphones where the music only comes out ONE side! What causes this and how do I avoid it?

  4. Marc This headphone is one of the better ones that i have used. However i do feel that headphones with noise canceling features will perform even better.

    Creative Designs, i will be honest here. I have bought at least 5-6 pairs of headphones before. And they all went out the same way you described. Actually they all were low quality headphones. Non branded. So that’s the reason for my older headphones. Not sure if your headphones were damaged because of the same reasons.

  5. It is a nuisance not to have a volume control on the cable as almost all headsets do. This is a major set back in my opinion. For some reason, I always thought that you lived in Mumbai. This post clarifies and points out that you are in Chandigarh. I suppose that it must be much hotter than Mumbai is likely to be.

  6. Hi Nicole. I am actually from Panchkula. It’s a fast developing city just next to Chandigarh. However i do most of my shopping from Chandigarh.
    And yes, the weather is horribly hot here in Chandigarh. Mumbai must be pleasant at least at evenings with the cool breeze over the seas. I just have an air conditioner to cool off things at my place. No natural way to do that. Alas!

  7. I have had many problems with headphones over the years. I like the ear plug ones but they never fit my ears. The full headsets allow me to get in the zone, but sometimes I need to be able to hear whats going on around me. The ear sweating thing is horrible and the head phones leave a dent in my hair. I guess the search will go on for me πŸ™

  8. I used to have a Philip walkman many several years before πŸ™‚
    and till now haven’t used any Philips company thing as new brandz are out here with gr8 services

  9. Sumit I have the exact same Sony headphones. I am not overly impressed with the noise cancelling feature. I don’t like that you have to have a battery weighing down the headphones just to create some extra static. I would invest in a nice set like the Phillips Sharat bought, but now I work from home and don’t need headphones as much.

  10. hi, i just wished to correct some info as stated by you in your post as follows:- “Amplifier power for Sony was 24 Ohms whereas that of Philips was 32 Ohms.”
    Term Amplifiers power is used for Amplifiers only,its represented in RMS or PMPO. PMPO IS FAKE MANIPULATION OF RMS as used by so many companies now-a-days.
    24 ohms or 32 ohms , this is used normally for resistance of any partially conductive material, but when its used for Headphones or Speakers it represent its Impedance, lower the Impedance is higher the sound output and vice-versa.

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