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Swine Flu Outbreak

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Right back in February 1976, a 19 yrs old, Army recruit Pvt. David Lewis of Ashley Falls, Mass. complained to his drill sergeant that he felt very tired and weak but not sick. 24 hrs later, he was dead, killed by what health officials disclosed as “Swine Flu”. Such deadly influenza was last seen in the “Great Plague” of 1918-19 which took almost 20 million lives worldwide. With that disaster in mind, everybody started considering “Swine Flu” as a big scare and epidemic. Apparently, no one could trace where the virus came from back then. Except for Pvt David Lewis, there were no other casualties however his few colleagues did catch the flu, still they remained unharmed. The virus and the story ended with that. Now guess what? “Swine Flu” is back again and it’s bigger and better, so to speak.

So what exactly is “Swine Flu”?

Symptoms Of Swine Flu (Wikipedia)
Symptoms Of Swine Flu (Wikipedia)

Basically, when pigs get influenza or flu, it is said to be a “Swine Flu”. According to a reliable resource, Swine Flu viruses often does not infect people. The few rare human cases that have occurred in the past have mainly affected people who had direct contact with pigs. So it was not as dangerous as it looked like. Perhaps not. But this swine flu virus has behaved differently. It’s actually spreading from person to person irrelevant of whether the person infected was in contact with pigs or not. Apparently it all started in Mexico and then moved onto United States, Canada, United Kingdom and even Australia. There have been some suspected cases reported in South America and one confirmed case in Moskva, Russia. If you are wondering how it is spreading, well you can pick up germs directly from the infected person. Sneeze, cough or even by touching an object they recently touched. It becomes airborne when the infected person send the germs into air, when coughed or sneezed without the mouth being covered.

“Swine Flu” has caused many deaths in Mexico which apparently has been worst effected. Both in UK and USA, there have been various reported and confirmed cases of Swine Flu, however big majority of people survived the flu in those countries. Researhers have no clue why effected Mexican were not able to survive this flu while most effected Americans did. Of course the research has been going on and some reason or other will come up soon.

I really believe you should know the symptoms of “Swine Flu” and keep up to date with the latest on this deadly virus. Apparently the symptoms are almost similar to other regular flu symptoms. It includes fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. It is also reported that Diarrhea and vomiting are associated with “Swine Flu”. Now what worries everyone is that such symptoms are common for every kind of flu. And neither you, nor your doctor can easily tell you whether you have Swine Flu or not. The doctor has to send a sample for lab test in order to ascertain the disease.

It’s always better to take precaution rather than find a cure. The advised precaution are to wash your hand with soap on a regular basis, specially after sneezing or coughing. You may want to use some alcohol based hand cleaner for that matter. You should also avoid getting too close to sick people and of course avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes at least when you are not at home. As for the treatment, may people who were infected by this virus, recovered fully without any medicines or treatment. However it is suggested that antiviral drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza should be taken within 48 hours when the symptoms develop. These medicines treat or prevent swine flu. However there is no vaccination for “Swine Flu” as on yet. Since it is a totally new form of virus, therefore the vaccinations should be out within few months. And in case you have been vaccinated already with this season’s flu vaccine and you think you won’t get this swine virus, well, think again! The vaccines does not have any fighting power against these new viruses.

One more thing. You cannot get infected with “Swine Flu” if you eat Pork, Bacon or any pig product. However i would say, what’s the rush? Why take chances anyways?..

Alright, so that is all things important that i knew about “Swine Flu”. If you are wondering why have i written such an article then here is the reason. My father is a Doctor and it is important for him, professionally, to keep up to date with all such diseases specially with flu and viruses outbreak. So, today, early morning, i researched lot of reputable websites in order to find information on this influenza. When i was done with it, i felt the need of spreading to message to everyone. If even few of you read this article on “Swine Flu”, I’ll believe my hard work on this research has been paid off. Just don’t forget to spread the message to as many people as possible. Tweet it, Digg it or mail it or just word of mouth. I will be happy with anything! 🙂

Please Note: It is also important to mention that my research has been from reputable websites like Wikipedia.com, WebMD.com and Google.com. So i think the article is pretty accurate as far as symptoms, stats and treatment is concerned. However you might want to double check it again! Thanks

Google Maps is being updated regularly with people who are suspects or have been confirmed for “Swine Flu”. It also marks the areas where cases have resulted into deaths. The legends used for your convenience are : Yellow for those who tested negative, Pink for suspects, Purple for confirmed cases and markers with no dots in between are death cases.

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  1. Thank you Sharat for this very informative and timely post.

  2. Great post Sharat. Nice information.

  3. Swine flu has become a havoc these days. Thanks for the post.

  4. CWD (Banned) says:

    My friends and I have been planning a trip to Disneyland for a while now, and we haven’t booked anything yet. But with the swine flu outbreak, my parents have grown very concerned about our travel plans. Should we just go ahead with our plans?

  5. Your parents are concerned because they care for you! If you respect them, then you should follow their advice. 🙂

    Why take chances anyways !!! Stay safe. Go to Asia or Africa if you really need vacations. Those continents have not been hit by Swine Flu (yet)

  6. Sharat recently i seen many post on Flu but here quite more explained in understanding way with Picture so it become more easy to understand to Swine FLU. Good Piece of Info.

  7. With all kinds of conflicting reports coming in, I think that this is another “cry wolf” pandemic! Like bird flu, mad cow disease, sarc etc, this too, I think will simply quietly die away.

  8. You know, I have been thinking this whole scare thing has been stupid, and have yet to read anything until now that seems like a good explanation to take it seriously. I understand it’s not that bad now. But if we don’t be careful it could be. I think if everyone is careful and smart you should not have to curve any plans you may have. (in answering Creative Web Designs question)

  9. Thanks for the informative post Sharat. I’ve been hearing so much about swine flu but I haven’t taken a chance to sit down and read what it actually is.

  10. Heard about this on MTV few weeks back and got to know in much detail here on ur blog post.

  11. Nicole, just a correction. Bird Flu is still present and has not died out yet!
    Funny thing is, more people die because of HIV/AIDS. People worry so much about Swine Flu that they are not ready to go out or eat Pork etc. But they still are ready to have unprotected sex with multiple partners not realizing that compared to Swine Flu, they have 500 percent more chance of getting HIV/AIDS which again is an Influenza Virus.

  12. Swine flu is now on the increase.. there are more critically ill people in Scotland. It’s quite scary but if you look at the statistics, it’s not really a huge problem YET! I hope it dies out and we are not facing worldwide problems!

  13. Everyone hopes for the same. But very few take precautions! Still hoping for the best!

  14. My relatives in the Philippines were concerned about me since I live so close to Mexico. They said that people are being checked at the airport in Manila for high temperature and other symptoms.

  15. Terrible disease, but we live in the 21 st century, and I hope very much that modern medicine to cope with the epidemic.

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