September : Month At A Glance


I am sorry i haven’t been blogging, lately. As i see it, there hasn’t been a post this entire month. So i thought i would summarize the whole of September in one go. So bear with me. 🙂 Early September : I somehow made it possible to get second day first show ticket of the … Read more September : Month At A Glance

Movies This Christmas… Whoz The Legend


It’s Christmas Eve! 🙂 Expected some great movies this season. Nothing much in Hollywood to talk about. Disappointing really. By the way, i just watched “I’m Legend” starring Will Smith”. Ummm.. Frankly, it would have been better if they named it “I’m Crap”. It’s a very disappointing movie. A great concept and a great story, … Read more Movies This Christmas… Whoz The Legend

Om Shanti Om And Saawariya


Well, the title is different this time, however this post is supposed to be the official “Movies This Week” post. I changed the title to the movies name because strangely, there are just two movies going on right now. That’s right, two movies, 20 shows a days, ten a piece. Now that’s what i call … Read more Om Shanti Om And Saawariya

Movies This Week


Alright. It’s damn friday again. Time for some new movie releases and some old continued. So what am i planning? Movies in nearby movie halls: No Smoking: I guess it would be worth watching. Not really crazy though. Jab We Met: Now that’s a movie i am certainly going for. Would be fun. Bhool Bhulaiyaa: … Read more Movies This Week