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The “Quit Smoking” Revolution

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I’m really not sure why i termed this post as a revolution. Probably i feel that such campaigns will bring a revolution in the world and make it a better place to live in, eventually.

Anyways, you might have noticed on my blog that the whole blog is about me. The niche/subjects everything has to do with me or things that i own or admire. Probably that keeps my blog as original as one can be. However there is one thing that i received today in an email that i would like to share with you! I am not sure about the copyrights of the following images and the source of these pics as they were sent via an email. Of course copyrights of the images below belong to their respective owners and i have no intentions to misuse them at all and i do respect owners’ decision if they want to get them deleted from the following gallery.

I will probably post this as a public service message. And of course it will be a constant boost to myself for the motivation and determination because i am a culprit myself. So here are some images that will help in quitting bad habit of smoking cigarettes and cigars, etc.

Image 12 does state lot of reasons to quit smoking. If you do not smoke, you will probably find this posts as boring or useless or not worth reading. Probably it’s true for you but you might know a good friend or someone you care about who smokes and finds it hard to quit smoking. Why not share this article with theme and help in the revolution.

By the way, i had to do a lot of work on editing these 5 images. Apparently these all were part of one single image. So that’s my little contribution in the revolution to make earth a better place! 😉

Share With Your Family & Friends!!!


  1. Really great and nice thought dear. Image collection is too good. Nice post..

  2. CWD (Banned) says:

    I’m planning to quit smoking by my bday which couple of days away only, is it true that i will gain weight? and what’s better, to gradually minimize the cigarettes i smoke daily or to just quit? do the nicotine gums help? any other tips?

  3. CWD, The “Gain weight” thing is a myth. Nothing like that happens. Just don’ start over feeding yourself after you quit coz people generally do that once they try to quit.
    Nicotine gums are horrible. Awful. I would never suggest that to anyone.

    As for quitting strategy, in my personal experience, people who stopped smoking suddenly had more success rate than people who left it over time. None of my friends who tried reducing their daily cigarettes smoke frequency, ever succeeded.

    As for other things, the most important and major factor has to be your will power. If you are really determined to quit smoking, then nothing can divert you from that goal. Try to get in the support of your family or friends. That really helps in the cause.

  4. I do not smoke so, it is academic. It is not very clear whether you have quit or planning to or what. I hope that you have stopped being a culprit. Apart from harming yourself, second hand smoke too affects people near you. That is all that I am worried about. I simply avoid being near smokers, some of who are sadly my close relatives and friends.

  5. LOL. Honestly i didn’t want to answer that. So it’s pretty messed up and unclear on the post as to status of my bad habit. I always believed i could make a change to world by offering some revolution of this kind. Will try to lead as an example as well. I’m trying hard, that’s all i can say! 🙂

  6. All the best my friend.

  7. Good revolution and gr8 message ur passing with frds out here.
    I had tried to leave smoking for whole week but started again, not able to quit but will surely try it soon 😉

  8. Thanks for the post. As a mother of 2 preteens I am very grateful for all of this publicity – I quit when I was pregnant – but smoked for many years before that (started when I was 15).
    Got some great tips to help – if anyone is interested. They work when you are ready. The most powerful one is to really start paying attention when you smoke. Don’t tell yourself you have to quit instead – when you think you want a cigarette stop for a moment

    Take a deep breath and tell yourself – OK – now I am going to smoke a cigarette
    Then take the cig and hold it in your hand for a moment. smell it ask yourself…

    Do I really want this cigarette? Will it make me feel good?

    When you smoke it don’t do anything else – don’t watch TV – work on the computer – don’t even talk to friends. Put you whole attention on the act of smoking that cigarette.

    Feel and try to enjoy each drag of the cigarette. Is your body enjoying it? Do you feel good while smoking it?

    Smoke as much of it as you want – and go ahead and put it when you have had enough – even if you have taken only 2 drags. Its OK – you can lite up another one as soon as you want

    Just follow the above rules – and try real hard to enjoy it as much as you can…

    Got some other tips too – if you are interested – just let me know

    Thanks again for a great blog

    In Joy and Celebration for EveryOne’s Success


  9. CWD (Banned) says:

    I had a baby in October 2008. I didn’t smoke while pregnant. I have found myself smoking 1-5 cigarettes a day and can’t seem to quit..Any tips for quitting completely?

  10. Cyndi, Wow! That’s really a good concept. Logically, this is the best one ever! I hope many many smokers will find your tip extremely helpful. 🙂

    Creative Web Design, I don’t like to reply to your messages coz of the fact that you never enter your real name. I mean, that’s what my comment box rules says…. right!
    But anyways, since this is a health issue this time, i think it would be best if you follow the tip from Cyndi. Being a woman and now a mother, i think you’ll best get along on her guide!

  11. I think you always need to have something to aim for. Quitting smoking is extremely hard for a lot of people.. I think they have to realise that it’s an addiction and that it IS going to be difficult. The pictures definately send out the “hurry up and stop smoking” message.. but I don’t know how many people will listen to this and how many will simple carry on with their lives, knowing there’s a problem, but not really caring about their own health. I personally hate the smell of smoke and am extremely pleased that the smoking ban has been introduced in certain countries around the world. How do you feel about the smoking ban as a smoker yourself? Has it helped you with quitting? Or does it make you simply stay at home and avoid the “non-smoking” areas?

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