Unable To Display Embedded YouTube Videos

Unable To Display Embedded YouTube Videos

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Making your websites beautiful, providing absolute unique content that is informative as well as engaging for your readers is the primary goal of every blogger and website designer out there. And it is a known fact that embedding YouTube videos into your post makes your post all the more special in terms of readability and SEO. However, it’s all codes at the back end and not everything always works perfectly.

I recently started making folder icons for the movies, TV series, music folders, etc. You can check my creations here: FOLDER ICONS. I have been providing half a dozen, good looking, .ICO and .PNG folder icon files that have been made by me, to enhance your folder customizations on Windows and Macs. I thought it was a good idea to embed YouTube videos of the trailers of the movie, for which I was designing the folder icons. Well, just in case, if the person who wants to download these icons, just want to be reminded of as to what the movie was all about.

Anyways, just a few days later, I noticed that the embedded YouTube videos were not displaying on my page at all. There was just a blank space where the supposed embedded video should have been displayed. So, I started browsing the web, looking for a solution to this problem. I didn’t find an answer. Probably that is the reason you are on my website. Right?

The Solution:

I am no genius. For me, the first step to solving any problem is the very basics. The things that often spoil your look of the website are updating settings or updating your WordPress themes and plugins. First and foremost, I disabled each and every plugin, and straightaway, the embedded videos started showing up exactly where they were supposed to be. Hahaha. Nothing like catching the problem on the very first go. So now, all I had to do was to activate each and every plugin, one by one, until I was able to replicate the problem. (Make sure you do not activate your caching plugins while looking for a solution. Its always recommended to enable them in the end while troubleshooting.) Surprisingly, the plugin that was disabling my videos from displaying on the website was “Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images“.

“Smush It” is a plugin by WPMU DEV. I have been using it for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins for compressing and optimizing your images and it does help with improving your website’s Page Speed, tremendously. I could not think of a single reason as to why this beautiful little power-packed plugin was causing trouble with displaying the YouTube videos. So, I started looking at the settings. It was the lazy load option that was the culprit.

Apparently, the “Lazy Load” option for “Media Type” <iframe> is enabled by default, in the “Smush It” plugin. Finally, I found out the reason, why these videos were not being displayed. Technically, this option would only defer the display of the video until you scroll down on the page till the point where the video appears. But probably my theme or some other code was preventing it from doing its job. I’m in love with this plugin and no way I was going to replace it with any other plugin. So, I simply disabled the Lazy Load option for the iframe and Voila, everything was sorted out. The website was back to its glory in all aspects.

I know, disabling this option, may reduce my Google Page Speed to some extent. But I rather have a better-looking website that is fully functional than a dysfunctional faster loading website. It’s not always about speed.

Did It Help?

I hope this helps you too, in case your webpage is having trouble displaying embedded YouTube, Vimeo, etc videos. If it’s not the “Smush It” plugin then probably use the same basic concept and find out the plugin or the theme that is causing the problem. If that does not work either, then you will have to go through all the settings on each and every plugin and the basic WordPress settings. Let me know if I was able to help and if not, comment below and we will sort it out together. Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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