Web Looks Bigger With SyncMaster 226BW

Web Looks Bigger With SyncMaster 226BW

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Samsung SyncMaster 226BW
Samsung SyncMaster 226BW

I had been using a Samsung 19 inch LCD display since last year or so. It was pretty good and i really didn’t need a new LCD display anyways. But things turned out in a different way and i had to buy a new monitor. So i went in for a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW. That’s right, it’s a 22inch monitor. And the web looks bigger now 😉

I have trusted Samsung since long and i believe in their display units. I remember my first CRT monitor from BenQ. I bought it for 7000 INR and even though it is 17″ inch flat CRT monitor and in perfect health and shape, the resale value for that monitor is not more than 1000INR. So it’s still sitting tight in my computer peripherals almirah. However as for Samsung, i am really pleased with the picture quality, the technology, the looks of the monitor and of course, the resale value. As on now, i have three monitors, all of Samsung brand. One being 17″ TFT monitor being used by my brother. Other one being 19″ widescreen LCD display, being used by my father. And the third one that i just bought being used by me at the moment. Check out the image i have attached on right. This is what i now have and it looks really good.

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW is a 22inch flat screen computer monitor and has a high resolution of 1680×1050. This model weighs around 10.8lbs. That’s around 4.9kgs. Yes, it’s pretty heavy. But i like this mean machine. It’s got 16:10 aspect ratio which is more favorable when watching movies or any video. It accepts DVI input, so i get a pretty good, in fact better signal clarity. As for the response time, this model has it at 2ms. So this seems to be perfect for my needs, that is movies and high end gaming. 😉

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW is a value for money kinda stuff. The features you get in this monitor are pretty cool for a monitor prices this low. Oh well, i forgot mentioning the price. It’s woth $330. That’s around 16,000 INR. Of course i read all the available reviews on this monitor at all popular sites like Cnet, etc, before buying it. And i was unable to find any Cons for this machine. And now that i have been using it for a week or so, i can’t find any cons either. So it’s really pretty good!

And hey, just one more thing. I also got my computer formatted. And now am running Microsoft Vista on my PC. And yes, it is a legit copy. The experience is wonderful. The clarity and sharpness is superbly amazing. And along Vista providing graphics and all gallery stuff it does, this monitor really makes my experience, a very pleasant one! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Web Looks Bigger With SyncMaster 226BW

  1. I have been using a Samsung SyncMaster 920NW and when I first changed to that, I felt exactly like you now feel. It really makes a great deal of difference to the way you see things.

  2. That reminds me. I really went to shop for Samsung SyncMaster 920NW when i got a 19″ LCD monitor. But at that time the retailer told me about a new model in the same price range. It was Samsung SyncMaster Myst or 732NW. It had almost same features as Samsung SyncMaster 920NW, but some slight curves thus making it altogether a new model. That’s what i have in 19″ category. Being used by my father at the moment.

  3. I must say that when I first went looking for a flat panel LCD style monitor for my computer, that I did a bunch of comparison shopping. Ultimately I chose Dell. The primary reason I did so was because of the support plans.

    That was a very big consideration for us in our decision making process.

  4. I am too using “Samsung SyncMaster 920NW “..basically it is a flat screen computer monitor and has a high resolution..and its pretty heavy also.. But at the same time it is worthy also..

  5. @ Swingers – I am sorry, but i had to remove your website url from your comment. I cannot link to any adult site whatsoever.

    @ Nishi a.ka. Kawasaki Motorcycles, thanks for stopping by. And yes, it’s a great display and is worth every penny spent!

  6. I have recently bought LG Flatron L1742T, but I don’t have the same impression as yours. It is 17 inch, up to 1280 x 1024. Does anyone know that what maximum resolution a 17″ LCD can have?

  7. William, I’m sorry for not answering your question before. I do not know how i missed your comment.
    As for LG Flatron L1742T, it supports maximum of 1280×1024.
    For other 17″” LCD’s i think Acer X173WB Widescreen comes with a 1440X900 resolution. That i guess is the maximum of all. I didn’t find any other make or model offering better resolutions that 1280×1024 in 17″ displays.

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