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Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!
Alright, I really do not hurry into things as and when they are launched. It’s been almost four weeks since WidgetBucks was launched. All this time, i kept looking for pros and cons. Advantages and Disadvantages, Features, Payouts etc etc. I think i am going to like it.

What i have noticed is that WidgetBucks ad units will do much better on products related pages, specially the electronic items or gadgets sites. Yes, i am talking this in comparison to other niche blogs.

I’ve added WidgetBucks on some of my sites. Hopefully i will update you sooner with how well the things are going with WidgetBucks.

If you still haven’t signed up with WidgetBucks, i guess it’s time…

WidgetBucks give you a high PPC, infact it beats Adbrite And Adsense (well atleast they say so, i ain’t sure.) Besides that you get a $25 bonus in your earnings if you sign up now. Since you got nothing to lose, i think the time is right for you to get started with WidgetBucks at once.

I’ll update you with the FAQ’s and more info regarding WidgetBucks, my earnings, means and averages. Honestly, we would like to hear your experience on WidgetBucks as well.

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