Win OnePlus 5 On Amazon India Photography Quiz
Photography Quiz Amazon India App 17 July 2017

Win OnePlus 5 On Amazon India Photography Quiz

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Amazon India is loving these giveaways. They had the QuizWeek for Prime Day through out the previous week, with a number of handsome prizes. They are back again today with a Photography Quiz. Answering all 5 questions correctly will able you to stand a chance to win a brand new OnePlus 5. #OnePlus5AppQuiz

All you have to do is sign in to Amazon App on your android or iOs phone. There will be a total of 5 questions based on photography, that you have to answer correctly. When you do that, you automatically qualify for the lucky draw. You need to be absolutely careful with the answers. I once entered an answer wrongly, and then that was it. There is nothing you can do then. 4 out 5 questions answered correctly still means disqualification. So here are the answers.

Answers to Photography Quiz Amazon India App 17 July 2017

Question #1: Which of these is a NOT a format for digitally saving pictures?

Correct Answer: .pink

Question #2: What is the “bokeh” effect in photography?

Correct Answer: The aesthetic blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image.

Question #3: In photography “cropping” is used to describe:

Correct Answer: Reducing the boundaries of the picture.

Question #4: Which of these is NOT a setting that can be fine tuned on OnePlus 5’s manual mode?

Correct Answer: Lever

Question #5: OnePlus 5 has a 20MP+16MP primary dual camera. What does MP stand for?

Correct Answer: megapixel

I am a bit of photography professional. So these terms were very easy for me. But most of these are still pretty standard, now that mobile phones have such awesome cameras. I hope you answered all the questions correctly. If I was of any help to you then do comment below with Why you love OnePlus 5. I already own a OnePlus 5 so if I win this contest then I will give it to one of you.

Photography Quiz Amazon India App 17 July 2017 Answers

The winner will be announced on 31st July 2017. Tweet with #OnePlus5AppQuiz to increase your chances. Good luck to you all.


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