WordPress 2.5 – Good But The AJAX Bugs

WordPress 2.5 – Good But The AJAX Bugs

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It’s been a lot many days since the official WordPress 2.5 was launched. As and when it was available on my webhost’s fantastico upgrades, i as usual, upgraded one blog immediately. Just to see how the thing were with the new version. To my surprise, this update was not just any usual bug fix or something. It’s a total revamping of the script inside out. The login panel, the design panel, everything has been changed. And i was like Wow!!! wordpress is really up to something this time 🙂

Anyways, after browsing all the features, trying out all the different things and heavenly satisfied with the new version, i logged in again to al my 5 webhosts and upgraded all the wordpress blogs that i have to the new 2.5 version! Upgrades very pretty neat and all went smoothly. And i was very very happy about the new wordpress.

Now came the next day and i wanted to start a new blog which is somewhat related to MoBikes. Each and every post is bound to have some pics or few of the talked about motorcycles. So i wrote whole of the content, added the tags and all and then checked the add media which was a wonderful thing. All AJAX and very comfortable. I just selected the pic and clicked on upload….and then this bastard comes up….”Crunching” and next thing you know, the image wasn’t uploaded and there is an HTML error. I tried more times with the same process but would that ever do any difference. No… i saw the same errors again. Anyways, i then went to wordpress support forums and searched for the crunching error and no surprises, as i found two long threads already there. One was a useless discussion of PHP with no one making no progress and heading nowhere. So i closed that thread and went to other thread. In that thread the same problem was discussed. The second reply came from a guy with the weblog “D Technology Weblog”. I think it’s a pretty big blog but honestly been there first time. Anyways, this guy gave the solution to add some code to .htaccess file. I did that and yes it certainly fixed the bug! And now again, WordPress is a beautiful script. You will love the Media Library and the AJAX upload system. I am glad i found the bug fix. Else i would had to downgrade all the 2.5 versions to whichever lower version that worked best.

By the way, here is the code that i added in the .htaccess file on the root.

<ifmodule mod_security.c>
<files async-upload.php>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

All Credits to D Technology Weblog. 🙂

Alright, so i hope you don’t get this error but if you do, then you know what you need to fix that bug. If you still can’t fix it with the above method, then may God help you. And hey, there is another method out there to fix this bug, which actually disables your AJAX upload system. Please do not try that and spoil all the beauty of your wordpress admin panel. 🙂 Good day!

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  1. i usually use a plugin called … WordPress Automatic Update to do my updates …
    but this time i upgraded manually …
    all went well for the most part …
    some links broke … but were easy to fix …
    if anyone of you know how to get lightbox to work on 2.5 …
    plz do drop me a line on my blog …
    thanks …

  2. Subcopus, well i am not sure about how to get the lightbox in!
    I usually upgrade my wordpress blogs via fantastico. However there is one blog of mine where i didn’t install wordpress via fantastico and it’s running on an old version of WP since long. Can you just leave me a link to the plugin you were talking about….Wordpress Automatic Update… And is it trustable to work well? Thanks

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