X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class

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X-Men: First ClassX-Men has always been one of my favorite superhero type movie. And the sequels have gotten better and better every single time.  Now, Marvel Comics just launched the trailer of, what they call is “X-Men – First Class“. It’s basically X Men V (Five). And by the looks of it, i am not much impressed. Really!

X-Men movie is directed by Bryan Singer. Did you know that back in 2000, when the first X-Men was to be made, Rusell Crowe was the first choice of Bryan for playing the role of Wolverine. And so was Keanu Reeves. But thanks heaven, the things didn’t work out and he chose, a then unknown quantity, but presently the super star, Hugh Jackman. 🙂

See… how am building up my story??? I am not appreciating the official first look of “X-men : First Class” trailer SIMPLY because there is no Hugh Jackman this time in the story. That means no Wolverine, no Logan. How do you deal with that. No shining blades, no muscles…. Instead they went back in time where Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Magneto (Erik Lensherr) were just two very young guys, who discovered their powers for the first time, and of course they were pretty much clueless on how to use those powers. I mean the same old story…Whether to use it for good of humanity or to rule the world?  However it begins with these two guys being the closest of friends and of course working with other mutants like they always do. That blue faced monkey man called “Beast” is still there in trailer. There are some new mutants also. Anyways, these guys try to stop some terrible thing from happening. Like some great threat to the mankind. In such an attempt, Apparently, Magneto realizes how strong his powers are and a rivalry between the two closest friends rises, and thus begins the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.

I had been waiting for the trailer for too long. X-men decided that this time they will promote the film via social network so they made a facebook fan page and also a twitter account for the same. I had to like the fanpage in order to get this official X-Men – First Class trailer. But you know what… You don’t have to go through this whole deal. You can just view the official X-Men – First Class trailer right here, right now. 🙂


Guys, do leave your feedbacks on the X-Men – First Class trailer. Let’s see how much you want to see it. I really am waiting for June 3, 2011 when this movie is released. I definitely want to see it. But it lacks the charms and excitement at this moment due to “No Hugh Jackman” in the film. Anyhow, i am sure you all must be having your own verdicts and likings. So let’s share.

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  1. X-men trailor is classic. X men was better

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