Yahoo To Fix Site Explorer Link Counts

Yahoo To Fix Site Explorer Link Counts

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Yahoo SearchOkay, there had been few problems with the counts for the SiteExplorer results recently. There wasn’t a small problem mind you. I’d noticed count of 400K wrongly represented due to some bug making it just 16K. Earlier i thought that Y! also is going Big G’s way. But Thanks God it’s not! Huff…

Message from Yahoo! Search:

Recently, some of you noticed changes in counts for Site Explorer results, where the counts were different for logged-in users versus logged-out users.

While the counts have been incorrect in some cases, the actual returned results have been correct. However, we did roll out a product fix yesterday and will be rolling out a couple more over the next few days to resolve this difference in counts some of you have observed.

Please disregard any counts for inlinks reported by Site Explorer from October 11 through next week. Thank you for raising this issue.

Priyank Garg

Yahoo! Search

Next week…. Well, am guessing that SiteExplorer shall be okay by first week of November. Waiting….

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