Drinking Cold Water Is Bad For You. Here’s Why?

As mercury keeps on rising, you can’t help but feel the constant need to chug down on some ice-cold water. It helps you quench your thirst, relaxes your body from exhaustion and cools down your body in this scorching heat. Or so I believed. Did you know, that drinking cold water is, in…


12 Reasons Why Pineapple Should Be In Your Diet

Pineapple is a tropical fruit and is native to South America, particularly the region between southern Brazil and Paraguay. In 1493, Christopher Columbus brought back some to Europe when he went back from an expedition to South America. Pineapples were then known to be lavish and exotic fruit in the New World, and the…

Beetroot: Health Benefits & Nutritional Information
Beetroots Benefits

Beetroot: Health Benefits & Nutritional Information

Beetroots have been naturally growing alongside the coastlines of Asia, Europe, and North Africa for centuries. It is believed that only the Beet Greens (The leafy part of beetroots) was grown and consumed during the prehistoric era. The sweet red bulb beetroot that we consume today, wasn’t cultivated till the ancient Rome period,…


Ending A 72 Days Blogging Drought

72 Days and counting? It's been 72 days since i last made an update to my blog. I realized that it was high time to stop the count. I guess, the last few (unapproved) comments, made me change my mind and come back to my blog to start blogging all over again. Last…


Swine Flu Outbreak

Right back in February 1976, a 19 yrs old, Army recruit Pvt. David Lewis of Ashley Falls, Mass. complained to his drill sergeant that he felt very tired and weak but not sick. 24 hrs later, he was dead, killed by what health officials disclosed as "Swine Flu". Such deadly influenza was last…

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