Bridge Multipurpose Magazine WordPress Theme
Bridge Wordpress Theme

Bridge Multipurpose Magazine WordPress Theme

I have provided Free WordPress themes most of my early career through my blog or through And I do not believe I have recommended any other Wordpress theme from someone else, ever before. Well, I thought that I should tell you about the themes that I personally like and use myself on…


Hey…What’s Up Doc? Redesigning?

If you have been on my blog recently, you would have noticed small changes frequently being made to my blog design. In the last few days, i have tried many new stylings for my blog. I'm pretty sure that i will stay with the present look that i have given to my blog.…


Free And Quality Christmas WordPress Themes

Christmas is just around the corner. Shopping and decorations have already started. So why should webmasters stay behind. All are decorating their homes and i guess webmasters would like to decorate their websites and weblogs as well. With this thought in mind i started searching the web to find out some good wordpress…


Review My Blog Design

Finally, I think it's all been done. The designing and coding part has been over. I had a pretty tough time making the theme work on Internet Explorer 6. All the coders must be knowing, how difficult it is to get your theme right, especially adjusting the alignments and CSS problems one faces,…


Professional Blogger, Professional Theme?

Ever since, i decided that i am going to be a Pro at blogging, i have had too many chat sessions with my friends and fellow webmasters regarding the same. I wanted to know as to what i should be doing to make a start. Surprisingly, the top two answers were unanimous. All…

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