50 Months Of Ally Directory

50 Months Of Ally Directory

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Ally Web Directory

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Ally Web Directory is now 50 months old!!!! 😀

When it comes to directories, Ally Web Directory has been my biggest project. And i really love my directory.

I started this directory from scratch. I remember everybody went on making directories for some quick cash. And so did i. I made at least 4-5 directories in a single month, however they were still better than 1000’s of directories out there as i bought the paid versions of the script. Anyways, as i said before, these were for quick cash and i did manage to make couple of thousand bucks the following month. How i was happy but knew this won’t last long. I knew if i have to stay in this field, then i will have to work my way out to the top ranked players. There were two major players that time, AvivaDirectory and AliveDirectory. I seriously wished i could have something similar to those directories so i started working out on this project back in August 2006 and i guess with time the things got better and better for me. I have a whole network of at least dozen directories, majority of which has a unique custom design (and these designs didn’t come cheap). Four of these have very expensive modifications done but when it comes to all, none of them had as much share of my love as AllyDirectory did. Needless to say it has lot of Search Engine love, like Google PR, Sitelinks, Huge number of Indexed pages and Backlinks in all three major search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing! It has been hard work all the way and i am glad that all our clients are happy to list their websites in my directories.

Anyways, starting November 10, i am going ahead with the increase in the review fee. At the moment it’s priced at $12.95; $24.95; $44.95 and $59.95 for various types of listings that we offer. Our new prices will be something like $25, $50, $75 and $100 respectively. We currently have three payment system, but we may be leaving MoneyBookers in the near future, but you will still be able to pay with Paypal or 2CheckOut. A price hike after 50 months was well needed and well deserved i guess. So get in your websites into AllyDirectory if you want to enjoy the low review fee as long as it lasts.

I would like to have your say on this! Leave a feedback or suggestion for me to consider. Even if you don’t have any, your appreciating comments always keep me going! 🙂

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