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Fuel Prices Slashes In India

I got up early, switched on television an hour later, while having a nice cup of morning coffee! Pretty excited about yesterday's news of cricket match wherein India beat SriLanka which was a comprehensive win. And then i heard the news that the fuel prices got slashed. Petrol got cheaper by INR 5.00…


Goodbye Year 2008

It's 31st December'2008. Time to say goodbye to the year 2008. Honestly, this year hasn't been good to me. I have not made much progress in my business compared to last three years. Especially these months of November and December. They have been miserable. Blame recession or the economy or whatever. Unfortunately, Google…


Still Alive n Blogging….

"Are you dead or just bored of blogging? - Aaron" Thanks to Aaron's e-mail here, i realised that i haven't been missing from blogging world for quite a while. Well Aaron and everybody who is concerned, i am still alive and still blogging. However, i do agree that it has been long since…


Enough Is Enough

As many would be thinking, specially in's time we said these words... "Enough is Enough". Yes, this is in regards to the terrorism that surrounds Mumbai, the capital city of India. Honestly, i don't think i need to describe the tragic terrorism that took place in Mumbai on 26th November'2008. All the…


Farewell George W. Bush, Welcome Obama

You may have heard people say "Pictures Speak Louder than Words". Here is one picture justifying it! :) It's the election day today. 4th November'2008. Let's see who comes out on top! Public Service Request: If you are a citizen of U.S. then make sure you VOTE! --------------------------------------------- Update: I am watching the…

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