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India Shoots Gold

Abhinav has done it. He has not only done shooting, Chandigarh, Punjab and India proud but also craved a name for himself in the history books by becoming the first ever individual to win an Olympic gold for India. Surprise and ecstasy marked the instant reaction of the city on the unique achievement…

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Ole Ole! Spaniards Wins Euro Cup 2008

44 damn years....where were you Spaniards in all these years? I have never seen Spain playing so well. Fernando Torres has been one of the exception as i have seen him play great football representing Liverpool team in EPL. And he was the man who scored the one and only goal in the…


India Shows Aussies How The Cricket Is Played

I guess it ain't a breaking news for you to know that India beat Australia in Common Wealth Bank series final and clinched the historic series win over the one day world champions. Australian players were just not good enough for Indian team at all. They only know how to speak all rubbish…


What Happened This Week?

Well, this has been a week with some important news and updates. I won't go in each and every detail, but just few tits and bits. Google continues to play childish. It again strikes directories and paid links sites. Many inner pages of directories went down to PR0 or a gray bar. Some…


Fernando Alonso Quits McLaren

Two Time Formula 1 Champion Fernando Alonso is leaving McLaren. Now, why doesn't that surprise me? After a whole lot of controversial year for McLaren and Alonso, this was bound to happen. Alonso cuts short the three-year contract with McLaren after the very first year. Alonso finished third this season in overall standings…

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