Ole Ole! Spaniards Wins Euro Cup 2008

Ole Ole! Spaniards Wins Euro Cup 2008

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44 damn years….where were you Spaniards in all these years?

I have never seen Spain playing so well. Fernando Torres has been one of the exception as i have seen him play great football representing Liverpool team in EPL. And he was the man who scored the one and only goal in the final of Euro Cup 2008. Of course there are other greats like Fabregas (Arsenal), Casillas (Real Madrid) and of course well known Carles Puyol (FC Barcelona). 🙂

Honestly, i was backing up Germany in this game. But i am not disappointed because Spaniards played out of their skin, held their nerves, and it was a great football match. They are worthy and truly deserved this title. Well they already defeated Italy (World cup champions) and Russia. And they played great football last night! There were two occasions when i thought a freekick should have been awarded for handball but hey who gives a damn… maybe the result would have been the same.

Spain’s defence was their greatest asset. Even Michael Ballack wasn’t able to get through them. In anycase, he is not in good form since many months. Arggghhh, you spoiled your talent Michael ever since you joined Chelsea… Ha Ha Ha… Long live Manchester Utd. 😆

Anyways, moving back to Euro2008, Spaniards played the best of all and they won the title. For more detailed news, go check some big site 😆 else share your views via the comment box!

Some pics for you:

Torres Scores

Spain Celebrates

Spain Wins Euro2008

Happy Spaniards After Spain Wins

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