Michael Schumacher’s Advice To Sachin Tendulkar

Michael Schumacher’s Advice To Sachin Tendulkar

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If someone asked me about my three favorite sports celebrities, it would have to be Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer and Michael Schumacher. In that order. And it melts my heart to see how good they are friends with each other. In recent years, we all have seen Sachin Tendulkar at Wimbledon, supporting Roger Federer. And ofcourse Michael Schumacher and Sachin Tendulkar have been good friends ever since Sachin Tendulkar equaled Sir Donald Bradman’s record of 29 Test Centuries. It was then when Schumacher presented a Ferrari to Sachin Tendulkar. And i think ever since we have witnessed a great bond, a friendship between the two greats of sports industry.

Sachin Tendulkar & Michael Schumacher
Sachin Tendulkar & Michael Schumacher

The seven time world champion, Michael Schumacher, who just retired last year from Formula one, feels that retirement is something that the cricketing icon can look forward to. ┬áIn an email, Michael Schumacher who also had a long and an awesome career, similar to Sachin Tendulkar, had this to say “As a sportsman with a long active career as well, I think I can judge what it means to be around as many years as Sachin Tendulkar is, and I can only express my biggest respect for his achievements.”

Sachin Tendulkar completed his 24 years in cricket at the highest level and is obviously the bestest batsman and a cricketing icon and a pure gentleman in today’s game of cricket.

Michael Schumacher added “We have met several times in Italy and India, and even if admittedly I was not – and still am not – very firm in the sport of cricket, I am fully aware of how many people around the world are. Having retired a bit earlier than him, I can also tell him that it (retirement) is something he can look forward to. There is just so much to discover, as finally there is time to do so. I wish him all the best.”

I think the last they appeared together in public, was during the inaugural Indian Formula One Grand Prix in 2011. While Michael Schumacher came out of retirement to drive for Mercedes that year, Sachin Tendulkar on other hand, waved the chequered flag in the same race. The race was one by Sebastien Vettel. I was also a part of that race, however i am yet to upload those pics on my blog. I have all those pics on Facebook.

Sachin With Wife Anjali - Michael Schumacher
Sachin With Wife Anjali – Michael Schumacher

Anyways, coming back to topic. It’s always nice to see the best of two worlds (Cricket and Formula One, in this case). Michael Schumacher has retired officially from Formula One. Sachin Tendulkar is playing his last two Test Matches against West Indies at present. Personally i lost interest in Formula One when Schumacher retired for the first time. And now, i don’t think i can imagine Indian cricket without Sachin Tendulkar. It’s a shame to see such players retire. Wishing them best of luck in what ever they do post retirement. Cause these people can never be replaced in History or in Records or in Respect!!!

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