HeartBreaking End For Ferrari Lovers

HeartBreaking End For Ferrari Lovers

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This post is in continuation to the previous post “Hamilton: The world champion“.

Honestly, the flag, the championship, it all belonged to Felipe Massa. In the last lap, Massa ranked # 1 whereas Hamilton was ranking # 6. The result would have stayed that way for sure. And it was an easy deserving win for Massa. But suddenly for no reason at all, the then ranked # 4 driver “Glock” suddenly slowed down at the final curve. Slowed enough so that Hamilton can overtake him and take position # 5 which then gave Lewis Hamilton the championship.

As soon as Massa crossed the chequered flag, Ferrari crew celebrated and were so excited. But their celebration lived short as after 5 seconds they saw Glock pulling out for Hamilton. They were heartbroken and that’s obvious.

Anyways, i would like to wish good luck to Glock. May you leave Brazil in good health. He probably forgot that he is racing in Massa’s home soil. So wish him good luck!

And Felipe Massa, though i don’t like him, still it was a great effort and congrats for the win.

Lewis Hamilton, well, the whole year was full of dramas like racist abuse, dangerous driving, etc. It would have been a great feeling to win the last race and championship on your own. Anyways, congrats for the controversial win. Yes, you are the youngest world champion of Formula 1. But a loser in the last race!

Here are the stats for those of you who missed the race:

Image Courtesy Formula1.com
Image Courtesy Formula1.com

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  1. There! Had something like this happened in India in say cricket, you do know what all allegations would have been made!

  2. Yes i know. It would have been termed as Match Fixing if such a thing happened in Cricket.
    Formula 1 is okay on such things. Apparently it’s up to the drivers and the team management as what they want to do. So if T. Glock wanted Hamilton to win, then he had the rights to do anything which is legal and not dangerous for anyone.
    It’s just that i don’t feel good for Massa. He worked hard for these points, winning more races than Hamilton, yet settling for second place.

  3. Massa himself has taken it very well and has shown a great deal of maturity

  4. He was very emotional for the obvious reason. He was so close to victory, yet so far. Moreover it was his home soil, with his countrymen all around him in the final race.
    No doubt he showed maturity but he could have cried out any moment while he was on the podium.

  5. Alonsa has had a fantastic year. Sports is all about surprised winners.

  6. I guess you are right Brooks. But at the same time, i think Massa deserved it more than Hamilton!
    As for Alonso, yes he had a good year.

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