India Vs. Australia 4th ODI At Mohali

India Vs. Australia 4th ODI At Mohali

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I guess most of the cricket fans would be aware of the ongoing cricket one day international series between India and Australia. Both the teams are considered as the best in cricket and so the rivalry between the two is pretty much obvious. Yesterday, the stage was set for the fourth ODI match between the two great teams. Venue being Mohali in Punjab which is just 15 kms from my home. Mohali’s PCA Stadium holds the record for most Day n Night One day matches in whole of India. It’s one of the finest grounds in the world. So watching a game between the two best sides in cricket world on the best-est of all grounds in the world was too much of a temptation that one couldn’t afford to miss. Specially for a cricket maniac like me.

I made to the ground in time to watch the match. I would have to say i have never been in a better position to view the match ever, as i was sitting right in the VIP box just above the Indian team dug out. I could see all the Indian players walking by and it was really very exciting. Australia batted first and scored 250 runs only on what seemed to be a superb batting pitch. Herein i would have to give credit to India fielders. It was one of the best performance by the fielding team. India somehow couldn’t bat well and failed to chase the meager score of 250. Although India lost the match, i still had too much fun over there. It was a good contest. Deep inside i wanted India to win but you know, a game is a game and Australia outplayed India this time. So all is well until and unless we get to see a great contest between the two.

Anyways, the match environment, the enthusiastic Punjabi crowd and the best lit stadium in the world under the night sky was very enthralling. It was an amazing night. I took some pics from my Samsung Omnia II and would like to share few of them with you!

Ind-Aus Match
Ind-Aus Match

I so wish i could take pic of Ricky Ponting, every time he gets out or when his appeals are turned down. He makes such a funny, crying, depressed face that it’s almost impossible not to laugh at that sight. I agree he is a great cricketer but at the same time he is the worst sportsman ever. I mean if you are such a great cricketer, that are you talked among the likes of world’s best batsmen Sachin Tendulkar, then you really need keep your mind, attitude and etiquette right. Look at Sachin, there is no down to earth person in cricket world than him, even though he is greatest of all. Anyways…..

India was leading 2-1 in the series before this match. Unfortunately, India lost this match and thus Australia leveled the series at 2-2. There are three more matches coming up pretty soon and it’s all going to be very exciting. Down to the wire as one would say. Full support to India whatsoever.

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16 thoughts on “India Vs. Australia 4th ODI At Mohali

  1. First of all Ahmed, please note that i have specially mentioned “Real Name” field when you fill up comments. So just read the instructions when you post a comment. I am never going to approve your comment with Name as OES TSETNOC which i know means SEO Contest, when rearranged backwards. So next time let’s just put the real name in. Ok!

    Secondly, i am not sure why the hell i will put Pakistan’s match pics up here? If you’d read the post even once, you would understand that i clicked this photographs as i watched the match, myself, at the stadium. But nopes, i guess you just need extra links to your site which is why you are posting useless comments again and again!

    I’m sorry but I am not growing fond of you and your comments at all which is very unlike of me to do.

  2. Whoa! That is a side of you that I have not seen before. Having said that, let me also comment on the cricket match. I am not overly fond of the game as many girls are. I however like to see India win or for that matter any other team win over Australia. If Australia would play their games like all other nations do, no matter what game, they would be popular instead of being such unpopular players.

  3. Good luck to India. We Brits beat the Australians in the Ashes Series, but not in the one day match. I do prefer Test cricket anyway. I have an Aussie wife. A difficult situation at times. But not as bad as with my Aussie brother-in-law!

  4. Nicole: You should start watching cricket more often, specially India’s. Woman are growing fond of the sports all around the globe. You should have seen Sachin Tendulkar’s 175 runs the other day (5th ODI). It was such a cool innings to watch. But yeah, kind of disappointing that India lost.
    And yeah, i hate Australian players for their lack of personality and etiquette. Plus they are such a cowards and criers when it comes to accepting defeats. They simply can’t appreciate other teams players whatsoever. It’s just “We” all the time. High headed freaks…that’s what they are. 🙂

    Ahmed: Piece of Cake!!!! BTW, Did you even go through what i wrote in previous comment or were you too startled at me putting your name that you just left the rest of the comment to rot!

    Peter : Honestly, as long as Indians are not playing England in the contest, i always take England’s side in the match. Whatever the contest maybe. And yeah, Ashes has it own special place in cricket and it’s a wonderful event each and every time. My God!!!! You do have a big problem. An Australian Wife….. Dude, i can’t even imagine what you go through in the Ashes. Anyways, i prefer one day matches but that doesn’t mean i hate test matches. 🙂
    Good luck in the next Ashes. Hoping to see action from Kevin this time around and i hope Freddie gets back into shape soon!

  5. Yes, Peter, it is a record but only for India. It’s not a world record though. India’s second record for most runs in a day was 419 which was set last week against same team, Sri Lanka. However at that time, India played whole 90 overs in a day. Today, they just achieved 443 in 79 overs only. All thanks to ruthless Sehwag. 🙂
    I have no idea what the highest score in a single day is. WikiAnswers revealed it to be 588 by England against India in 1936. Looks little un-digestable as test cricket was not played at this pace back then. If i get an update or confirmation on the record, then i will post it here…

  6. Thanks for the info, Sharat. Just celebrating England’s famous victory over South Africa in the second Test. But the series has a way to go, so I’ll not celebrate too much quite yet.

  7. Not busy at all Nicole. Life has up and downs and i am going through the toughest phase in my life at the moment. I don’t think there will be any other post for a long long time. I am just trying to find someone and if that does not go well, then it very well be end of life for me.

  8. I am sorry to hear about your problems Sharat. I hope that things will sort themselves out and you will be back blogging in full strength again. I wish you all the very best.

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