WordPress Maintenance Mode After Jetpack Update
Maintenance Mode Wordpress

WordPress Maintenance Mode After Jetpack Update

Wordpress is the best CMS on the web, and apart from few custom CMS websites, mostly all my websites are powered by Wordpress. Proudly, as they say. So if it's the best CMS, then no wonder that many web developers continue to work for its betterment with plugins and themes and millions of…

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September : Month At A Glance

I am sorry i haven't been blogging, lately. As i see it, there hasn't been a post this entire month. So i thought i would summarize the whole of September in one go. So bear with me. :) Early September : I somehow made it possible to get second day first show ticket…


Not Surprised! But New WordPress Is Out!

Recently i wrote how good the new wordpress 2.5 was in each and every aspect.  But it has a such a big security issue. Only advance techies noted that. And then of course there was the media library upload issue with wordpress 2.5. Anyways, with many bigs and problems and reports, Wordpress had…


WordPress 2.5 – Good But The AJAX Bugs

It's been a lot many days since the official Wordpress 2.5 was launched. As and when it was available on my webhost's fantastico upgrades, i as usual, upgraded one blog immediately. Just to see how the thing were with the new version. To my surprise, this update was not just any usual bug…

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