September : Month At A Glance

September : Month At A Glance

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I am sorry i haven’t been blogging, lately. As i see it, there hasn’t been a post this entire month. So i thought i would summarize the whole of September in one go. So bear with me. 🙂

Rock On!!!
Rock On!!!

Early September : I somehow made it possible to get second day first show ticket of the movie “Rock On“. I must admit, it’s a great concept, brilliant story, good acting and a fantastic movie. It’s a story about 4 guys who started a rock band in their college life (As we all probably did at sometime in college life). Anyways, the college life was good. They thought they had the world on their feet dancing on their music. I am sure every college going chap must have felt that one time or another. However soon they grow up. Realize what hard and cruel world has to offer. So they start their own businesses/ find jobs, etc. Only to go their separate ways forever. Until after ten years of separation, rock star Purab (known as K.D in movie) thinks of a reunion. Two of the four had some differences between them coz of the past things. But who cares. Eventually they get back, talks over their life and finally decides to start the rock band again. So they did. And it’s a movie, so you can expect success for them eventually. But i won’t take away any credits from the stars of the movie. Specially Purab, Farhan Akhthar and dashing Arjun Rampal. Arjun is a guitarist in the band and he is a hunk. I am not mentioning much about Luke Kenny or Prachi Desai, because hey, you guys had a very less role to play. So wasn’t much impressed. Anyways, the movie was great and if you haven’t watched it, i insist that you please do! You can visit their official site : Rock On!!

I had a serious laugh at Purab’s beard style in the first half. Nice going. Purab! You are the man! 😆

8th September : WordPress comes with yet another update. Now, I am not even surprised that there is a new wordpress version. As if i am used to it. This time it’s WordPress version 2.6.2. Some bug fixes again. But hey, don’t be excited as WordPress is planning to bring out WordPress 2.7 very very soon. And that would be lot interesting as they plan to put in some kinda of Navigation column. Humm.

14th September : It was my Dad’s birthday. He is a doctor and he is the best guy i have ever met. He is my inspiration, my idol and no one can ever take his place as “The Most Important Man In My Life”. Thanks for being there for me always Dad.  I love you! A very very Happy birthday dad! God Bless you! 🙂

23rd September : It has been a month since i reported Dr Stephen Baker, MD and TopSeom as the people who robbed me of a small amount. But robbery is a robbery. i don’t care about the amount. But it’s always good to let the world know about people who don’t deserve to have good name!

So how do i punish them. Well, as my friend Amit Bhawani does it. Start ranking high for their name. So that world can know. Now eher am i for their names? Well, if only Google can stabilize their search engine ranking algorithms i could precisely tell you where i rank. Sometimes i am number two right after their official sites. And sometime i am lying somewhere in second page of the search results. In anycase, i am sure i am doing some help in someway or the other by letting people know about them. I hope Google can give good rankings to my blog in time to come.

Google PoorRank
Google PoorRank

27th September : That’s today. Well, Google PoorRank is updating again! and as you can imagine, i am very disappointed with the results. For all my hard work and ample amount of information i put all day on, Google has been kind enough to grant me PR2 instead of the previous PR3. I wonder if there is anything i could do so that Big G can fix their PR determining algorithms and for Christ Sake, can they stop punishing the sites which actually have better things to offer than their competitors running just a simple directory? I saw a simple tag cloud site today, showing up PR7 on toolbar. Earlier it was PR6. Is that what you call informational content? It’s just a paid links and keywords on the whole site. What’s the point in that? He will now earn more by selling paid links on even better Pagerank. i, on the other hand, put so much efforts, so much content, just to make my site become more of information bookhouse rather than just a simple ordinary directory and this is what Google gives in return. Google is Bloody Demoralizers on the net, when it comes to Pagerank! 🙁

At least the Ally Directory’s sitelinks are still there, but then i never said Google is bad when it comes to anything except Pagerank.

In September : Well, i love free templates. Iam launching ten free phpLinkDirectory templates in September itself. You can check AllyDirectory’s PHPLD Templates section for those ten templates. At this point of time, three templates have been launched already. Rest all will be launched by 30th September. Hopefully 😉

Well, i guess that was little about September. Obviously i have missed lot of things i did this month but maybe they are not good enough that i can even recall them!

P.S. : I almost forgot. No matter how much you hurt us webmasters with your Pagerank stuff, we would still like to wish you Google, a Happy Birthday. Many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with lot more success and some BRAINS in pagerank department! 🙂

Happy 10th Birthday Google
Happy 10th Birthday Google

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  1. Nice to have you back and blogging. It is very nice to read about your relationship with your father. Rather rare now a days. I wish both of you long and loving relationship.

  2. Thanks Nicole
    Honestly, Love is going to stay forever. I’m an Indian and there are something we are proud of and always will be. You know, even my grandfather stays with me! 🙂

  3. Link to your robbed page in the sidebar with the correct anchor text and try to rank faster for the top.
    You should really rank higher than their website.

  4. Yes, i will Chetan. I already quoted what Amit suggested! 🙂
    Googling their names tell me, i am just second to them. So won’t be long!
    Will think about another way for hyperlinking to main page!

  5. Sharat, three generations under one roof! Wow, what a treat that you have this great opportunity. My congratulations to you and best wishes to your whole family.

  6. Wow thats a excellent post with a total recap of the whole month, did like this idea of blogging once a month with the offline schedules posted in. Dont worry about the directories PR loss, you do know that my quality directories got a PR0 this year and not increasing but we keep working hard and surely get the sucess.
    Good Luck!

  7. Loved Rock On Myself. A nice clean entertainer after a long time.
    I only hope my son and hubby can get to be friends. They never seem to share the same roof except while sleeping at night. Everyone is just too busy. Life in mumbai is madness.

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