How To Enable Password Saving In Filezilla FTP Client

How To Enable Password Saving In Filezilla FTP Client

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Recently, I cleared all my private data on Filezilla due to some bug. This included Quick connect history, reconnect information and site manager entries. Little did I knew that I would be getting this annoying little message on my screen, every time I tried to connect an FTP connection to my website.

Saving of Password Filezilla


You are here because you are also annoyed by this message since you did not (and I repeat) You Did Not¬†Disable saving of passwords. Yet the message specifies that and you have been trying to figure out the way to enable it again. It’s a pain to enter the password every single time again and again (since most of tried to get 100% strong passwords these days including alphanumeric and special characters).¬†?

Thankfully, to everyone’s respite from this suffering, there is a very easy fix.

Enabling “Savings of Password in FileZilla”

  1. Open FileZilla. Go to Edit >> Settings (or Preferences in some older version of Filezilla)
  2. Select the Page: Interface.
  3. Under “Behaviour” section, uncheck the box that says “Do Not Save Passwords

That is it. Honestly, I think it should be unchecked by default. But sometimes I don’t understand these priorities by such developers.

Many Google results will tell you to uninstall the software and play with firewall and what not. Please don’t do that. Save your time as this is really simple.

Hope this helped.

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