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Best Kitchen Weighing Scales India 2022

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Here is our ultimate guide to the best kitchen weighing scales in India in the year 2022. 

Gone are the days wherein you added ingredients to your food recipes “andaaze se” (by rough estimates). Now, people expect to have the perfect food each and every time, down to the perfect amount of each ingredient. This is why digital kitchen weighing scales have rapidly found a place on your kitchen counters, among your other important kitchen appliances. 

We now live in an era, where everyone has to switch to healthy eating and healthy diets. Following recipes, with ingredients, weighed to utmost accuracy is quintessential and that’s where these weigh scales come in handy. 

The digital kitchen weighing scales are lightweight and robust. With the available technology, these little machines can weigh the ingredients with utmost accuracy, and best of all, this handy little kitchen appliance is very economical as compared to your other kitchen appliances. 

The Top 10 Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in India 2021

Kitchen Weighing ScaleMaximum Weight CapacityBuy Online
1. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS335 KgsBuy On Amazon
2. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel5 KgsBuy On Amazon
3. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS405 KgsBuy On Amazon
4. iBell WHB22 Kitchen Scale10 KgsBuy On Amazon
5. MCP Kitchen Scale 10 KgsBuy On Amazon

1. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS33

HealthSense is a Bangalore-based brand that started making healthcare products in the year 2014. The company has earned itself a reputation for quality products like weighing scales, BP monitors, massagers, pedometers, humidifiers, and much more.  

HealthSense Chef-Mate KS33 Kitchen weighing scale is what we consider, the best weighing scale currently available online.  

Starting with a few specifics, this weighing scale is undoubtedly ultra-modern in looks, compared to its rival competition. So, it goes without saying that it will definitely add flair to your kitchen counter.  

The kitchen scale is small, flat, lightweight, and glossy black in color with a large LCD screen that comes with a blue backlight which makes it easy to read. The display unit can be customized to show the units in your weighing preference, whether it be grams, pounds, ounces, or millimeters. Furthermore, it also displays the low battery indication and the weight overload notification. 

It comes with a BPA-free food-grade plastic bowl, that can hold both liquid and powdered ingredients, which you are looking to weigh. It does have the “Tare” function, which eradicates the weight of the empty bowl with just a press of a button. So, your scale wight’s reading will be zero regardless of the utensil you are using. 

The HealthSense Chef-Mate KS33 weighing scale boasts of using quad precision sensors and technology that give super accurate readings at a faster response time. It runs on two AAA batteries, that come included in the box. 

This kitchen weighing scale has an “Auto Off” feature that switches off the scale after 2 minutes of inactivity. Particularly useful, if you tend to forget to switch off appliances after use. 

Lastly, the maximum weighing capacity of HealthSense Chef-Mate KS33 is 5Kgs with a graduation of 1 gram. The brand provides a one-year warranty on this product. All factors considered, we think that HealthSense Chef-Mate KS33 is the top contender among the best kitchen weighing scales in India. 

2. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Kitchen Weigh Scale

AmazonBasics Kitchen Weighing Scale is a sturdy, practical, comprehensible digital kitchen scale. Its bare-bones attitude makes it the top contender among the best kitchen weighing scales in India that are currently available, online. 

The kitchen scale is of compact size, measuring approximately 8.7 inches wide x 7.1 inches in length and 1.6 inches in height. So, you will be able to store this in your cabinets with ease. You get a generous weighing platform in this kitchen weighing scale. So, you can weigh bowls of considerable sizes and bulkier foods like leafy vegetables as well. 

AmazonBasics Kitchen Weighing Scale has a big LCD screen with just two buttons on it. The “Unit” button lets you convert the unit of measurement from ounces to grams. The other button is the “Tare” function, which subtracts the container weight to zero, so you only get the precise weight of the ingredients only. This kitchen scale also has the option of “Auto Off”, if there is no activity for 2 mins and 15 seconds. To manually shut down the scale, however, you need the press and hold the “Tare” function button for three seconds. 

AmazonBasics Kitchen Weighing Scale boasts advanced sensor technology that gives you precise, accurate readings at a fast response time. The scale will let you weigh ingredients starting from 2 grams up to 5 kilograms, at the graduation of 1 gram. 

It runs on two AAA batteries which come included in the packaging. The stainless steel top ensures that it is super easy to clean with a damp cloth. And they have not used any BPA products, keeping your food safe and healthy. Amazon provides one year warranty on this product. 

This is as practical as it gets. I wish they had more features like the units for a liter or a better weight capacity. Or perhaps they could have provided a measuring bowl as its competitors do. But overall, it is still a great product that should serve you for a long time. 

3. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS40

We have another kitchen weighing scale from the HealthSense arsenal. This one is HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale KS40. Two weighing scales in the Top 3, really show the quality this company is striving for. 

HealthSense KS40 packs bucket loads of features similar to the elder sibling. The major difference however would be the size. This one is really compact. It is just 18 cm x 16 cm x 1.8cms and lightweight. 

This weighing scale is very compact. It might measure up to the size of your hand. But it still has all the bells and whistles like the bigger model. As mentioned before, it is super lightweight. The company flaunts its sturdy concave rectangular shape design with a rounded hook at back, making it easy to hang, maintain and save space. 

The HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale KS40 has the “Tare” function and boasts of state-of-art high-precision sensors that quickly deliver accurate results on the screen. The “Unit” button allows you to change the unit of measurement from grams to milliliter to ounce to pounds and even to the fluid ounce. You can weigh ingredients from 1 gram to 5kgs on this weighing scale, with each increment of 1 gram. 

There is a big, no-backlit LCD screen at the bottom that displays the weight in large black fonts. It runs on a single CR-2032 battery, which is included in the packaging. Like its big brother, this scale also features the “Auto Off” function and the low battery indication. It comes in two colors, namely Black and Milky Grey. 

HealthSense Kitchen Weighing Scale KS40 is chic and slim and a little economical compared to its rivals while packing all the required features. Thus, making it a good choice for rank 3 in our list.

4. iBell WHB22 Kitchen Scale

iBell WHB220 Kitchen Weighing Scale was rather a surprise. I had very low expectations of the product, but it did pleasantly well.  

iBell WHB220 Kitchen Weighing Scale is a sleek and sturdy scale. It is 19.5 cms in length x 15 cms in width x 3 cms in height. Its shape in particular is pretty similar to the AmazonBasic’s kitchen weighing scale that we ranked at 2. However, it has an added advantage over its rivals. This scale lets you weigh food and ingredients up to 10 kg. 

iBell WHB220 Kitchen Weighing Scale brags about its high-precision strain gauge sensors that provide accurate weight readings at a rapid response time. It has a big LCD display screen with big black fonts for easy reading. It is backlit. The display also notifies you about the low battery indication and the overload warning if you try to weigh something that is more than 10 kgs.  

Similar to the competition, this kitchen scale also offers the unit conversion toggle button as well as the “Tare” function button. The Tare function lets you subtract the weight of the bowl or utensil to zero so that you can weigh the actual ingredient without the weight of the bowl. The Unit button lets you switch the units of measurement between grams, ounces, and pounds. 

iBell WHB220 Kitchen Weighing Scale runs on two AAA batteries that come included with the order. The company offers a 6-month warranty on this product. The price of the product certainly makes it a good contender in our list of the top 10 best kitchen weighing scales in India.

5. MCP Kitchen Weighing Scale

MCP stands for MediCare Products Inc. MCP Kitchen weighing scale employs a stainless-steel tray platform along with anti-fingerprint technology so that your machine requires minimal maintenance and easy cleaning.

MCP Kitchen weighing scale

MCP Kitchen Weighing Scale has G-sensors so you get accurate weight readings and a fast response time. Like all the competition, MCP also provides the “Tare” functionality and the “Unit” conversion functionality. It lets you convert units between grams and ounces, as per your need. Auto shut-off function is also present. It’s a good function to have but a sleep time of 5-6 seconds can be annoying to the users. Other rivals have a sleep time of 60 seconds to 150 seconds. MCP should work on that. 

MCP Kitchen Weighing Scale is rectangular in shape and is of considerable size compared to its rivals. It measures 21.6 cms in length x 17.3 cms in width x 3.6 cms in height. The company proudly flaunts the ABS steel technology for its stainless-steel brushed platform but the customers have many times questioned the product’s durability. The acrylic glossy black lower panel houses a big LCD screen that displays the weight in large fonts. The backlit color is purple, while the font color is white. I am pretty sure, that this is not the best combination out there. With time, as the LCD screen loses its intensity, it will be difficult to read the weight.  

The screen also notifies you about the low battery indication and the weight overload function. It’s the second weighing scale on the list that allows you to weigh up to 10Kgs.  

What stands out in this kitchen scale however is that they have 4 non-slip mats attached underneath. This ensures that your weighing scale remains in position and stable when you use it. Another major factor is that they provide you dual power supply system. You can run this kitchen scale either on 3 AAA batteries or via an AC power cable. The batteries and cables are included in the package.  

MCP Kitchen Weighing Scale is reasonably priced and you get a one-year warranty for this product. It’s kind of a mixed bag. You have to decide whether the poor backlit display and questionable durability of the product outweigh the dual power supply system and the antiskid mats or not. 

Wrapping Up:

All mentioned kitchen scales have the “Tare” functionality, in common. They all offer unit conversions as well, but only a couple of them offer unit conversions in milliliters as well. I have listed these on the basis of factors like accuracy, durability, warranty, customer satisfaction, maintenance, and support. These products will last you long if you take proper care of them. Remember not to overload your kitchen weighing scales too often. It causes irreparable damage to their sensors. Hope this guide helped you in some way. I would love to hear from you. Do leave your feedback or suggestions.

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