Ford V Ferrari Folder Icons

Ford v Ferrari Movie Folder Icons

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Ford v Ferrari came out in the year 2019. I just finished watching it and I absolutely loved it.

For most of the car enthusiasts, the war between Ford and Ferrari and the whole story with Shelby and Ken Miles is not unheard of. I have read books about it, I have watched half a dozen documentaries even but still, I was really looking forward to this movie.

With Matt Damon playing the role of Caroll Shelby and Christian Bale playing the role of Ken Miles, this movie had everything just about right. And Oh boy! It delivered. I would recommend this movie to everyone, even if you are not a car fanatic, you are going to still love this one.

Movie Trailer

Just in case you need some more motivation to watch this movie, here is the official trailer of Ford v Ferrari.

Christian Bale again puts his body through such a huge transformation. I don’t know how he does it. The movie was nominated for Best Movie in Oscars this year, however it didn’t win. I haven’t seen “Parasite” which won the best movie, but I have heard from lot of friends that “Joker” deserved this award more. Anyways, I will save that topic for some other day.

Ford v Ferrari Movie Folder Icons

Here are six awesome folder icons for the movie “Ford v Ferrari”. In the .zip file I have included 512 x 512px .png files as well as 256 x 256 px .ico icon files. Just use whichever icon you like.

Download Link: Ford v Ferrari Movie Folder Icon

As always, I really appreciate all your comments and feedback. I have recently received a request for folder icons for the movie Shazam. So I will craft some magic and soon put up some cool looking Shazam movie folder icons. If you have any requests, just post them in the comment section. I will be more than happy to help.

Have you watched the movie “Ford v Ferrari”? Which was your best scene? And how do you rate the movie? Do let us know.

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