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SEnuke SoftwareI have always been the kind who likes to do all the website development stuff by myself. And i thought i was doing pretty alright with adsense, etc earnings. Until one day, a good friend of mine, let’s call him John Smith… He asked me how much i am making fromย  a particular site of mine. The site was a micro niche carpet website, and i was ranking eighth in Google for the main keyword. Anyhow, i just answered the fact that the website was making $15-$20 a month. And having some 200 websites like that, i was pretty much satisfied with total earnings.

John Smith, the genius that he is, asked me to give him the site’s wordpress login details, etc etc. and let him promote it the right way for a week. Well i had nothing to lose in here, so i let him do it all. 10 days later, he said the job was done and i should wait and see the following result. 15 days passed, i saw nothing. Another week and i see that the site made $25ย  that month. No big deal haan? Just $5-$10 increment for that month. I literally called it normal. It happens with every website. So i looked the other way and never talked about the same topic with him.

However after two weeks, i suddenly saw a surge in the income. How much? That site was earning $15 – $20 a day. That’s right. $15 a month to $15 a day. I was like….Whoaaa, i am being click bombed on Adsense or something. Then i contacted John and he showed me that i was ranking second for that microniche website, which was right after the company’s actual official website. Six places up in the position and i went from $15 a month to $500 a month from that website alone.

I had to know the secret as i just couldn’t stop thinking the amount of paycheck i will get if all of those 200 odd websites that i have start getting couple of hundred USD per month. The answer was plain and simple by John. Link building. Article Submitting. Profile Backlinking, Social bookmarking, Video marketing, RSS Submissions, etc etc. That’s a lot, you know, i said to him. And already lost interest as it requires so much time and effort.

But then he pointed me towards this site called I already heard a lot about this website or web tool. But i somehow never bought it or even tried it. I should have atleast tried it once as they offer a trial of 7 days FREE of cost. Pretty lame on my part, right? But anyways, better late than never, is what i say! ๐Ÿ™‚

Every morning, i run the software once. First it generates a unique person name everytime and along with that a unique username and a password. Then it creates an email account, let’s say on Yahoomail or Hotmail or AOL. You get to decide that. After successfully creating the email, you get to chose which sites you want to create an account on. I always chose “Select All” option on Social Network Sites, Article Directories, Social Bookmarking Sites, Video Sites and RSS Sites. And at a click of a button, it registers at hundreds of these sites, all by itself. Amazing, isn’t it. Wait! the best part is yet to come. Once the accounts are created, it will go on to your created email address and verify every single mail that thse web 2.0 properties sent you, for account verification. Saves a lot of time for you! That leaves you only with the process of posting content with your url’s etc which SENuke will again post to all the sites at just click of few buttons. I run 10-12 windows at a single time, so the content and url’s are postedย  on 12 sites at a single time.ย  You can also use the Best Spinner for spinning your articles so they can get readily accepted.

In other module you can also use the same email, username and password for creating web 2.0 profiles on high pagerank websites. At this moment SENuke provides 260 forums that are all dofollow, and some 350 forums links with nofollow. Even they matter sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

SEnuke Complete Marketing Software

Every morning it takes me 20 minutes to do this work and promote one website. I can do much more than that, but i ain’t in that much hurry. Today, i am a happy man. I am making a lot on Adsense now. There has been a 4000 percent increase in my earnings since what i had 6 months back. I think i can live with that ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, if you are not making enough money on the web and if you are struggling to find targeted customers, which only Google can provide, since Organic traffic is the best you will find. I then suggest that you try out SENuke atleast for 7 days. You have nothing to lose. It’s a little expensive at $127 a month thereafter, since i am using the Pro version, but i think the money is well spent. Two three months down the line, you might be making 10 times more than that from your websites. You can get your FREE copy of SENuke from here. Try it out for 7 days and see what all it has to offer. If you feel there is power in this web tool, then carry on else just go back to extremely hard way to rank your websites in the major search engines.

My advice to those who use it. It’s a powerful tool. Very powerful and it’s all good till you use it in right way. Don’t nuke a single website twice on Profile Backlinking. It’s not worth. Always remember to Ping your profile backlinks and article links and all your bookmarked websites. It’s pretty easy to do with SENuke as it just requires just a click of button. Often many people miss this part. Try to social bookmark your profile pages as well. It’s a two tier system where one page (let’s call it Page A) links to your website and then you promote “Page A” as well by social bookmarking etc. It helps strengthening your backlinks thus giving your actual website more strength. Lastly, keep everything simple. Don’t over think or over do any stuff in SENuke. It’s already powerful, there is absolutely no need to make a mess of anything.

Ofcourse, you are most welcome to post your questions or suggestions. I am all ears. If you want to share your success stories, then you are most welcome.

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