Samsung Omnia II GT-18000

Samsung Omnia II GT-18000

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Samsung's Omnia II
Samsung’s Omnia II

Samsung Omnia II was launched in India on 21st October 2009. I was able to take a look at the handset on the same day at a Samsung showroom, owned by a friend of mine. And the very next day, i sold off my old Nokia E71 and got myself a brand new Samsung Omina II. Looks like i bought Nokia E71 back in January’2009….so i guess 10 months was pretty much it.

I really have never bought any Samsung mobile in my life, except for that Reliance powered cute white colored Samsung mobile that came with Reliance CDMA connection. Anyways, i won’t call that buying, as it was the only available set at that time. I always have trusted Nokia above all. And probably have equally used Sony Ericsson as well. But at this moment of time, Nokia is a big failure in Indian markets. No new models, nothing new whatsoever. It’s pretty annoying to see Nokia dying out from market this way. Anyways, why do i care. Samsung is the new king of the cellular phone market with so many exciting new phones, designs, features and pretty good prices. I am fan of good sound in such handsets, beside the other good features. And Samsung’s sound feature of WowHD, simply rocks. It really is outstanding.

Omnia II is not the first touch screen phone i have used. I started off with Sony Ericsson P900 wayback in 2004. After that i have used Nokia 7710 which was kind of brick but still pretty good. Then came the Apple iPhone which is the best touch screen enabled phone i have ever used. Unfortunately i had to replace iPhone just because it couldn’t offer a simple feature called “Quality in sound”. Neither the ring was audible nor any iPod songs or videos. Other than that there were no other flaws in iPhone that i couldn’t have ignored. Anyways, it’s not cool to compare Samsung Omnia II with Apple iPhone. Samsung are way behind from Apple when it comes to user interface, easiness and comfort of use and stuff like that. But Samsung do provide better quality videos and sounds. So i get that even’s it out.

Okay so, i got the Samsung Omnia II phone on 23rd October. Here’s how the box looks like! πŸ™‚

Samsung Omnia II
Samsung Omnia II

All seals have been broken now. And the phone has been unpacked. It’s a sheer beauty. Bigger, better and brighter than any other phone i have ever used. It’s a Rose Black color handset. But until and unless i am under lot of bright sunshine, i will always see the color as black. As you must have noticed on the box, Samsung Omnia II works on windows mobile operating system. Okay so here is what the package contains:
1. Handset
2. Battery
3. Travel adapter (Charger)
5. Stereo Headset
6. PC Data cable
7. Stylus Pen
8. Leather Case/Cover
9. TV Out Cable
10. User Manual

Samsung Omnia II
Samsung Omnia II

Omnia II has a 480X800 resolution and has a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen for Ultra brilliant display. With 5 megapixel camera and such a huge screen, this phone is the show stopper. The AMOLED screen is pretty large and amazing. It produces sharp and vibrant images thus making it all the more good looking. As compared to iPhone that used 16k colors, Omnia II uses 65k colors thus making it lot brighter and clearer and better quality. I was already in love with the phone.

Samsung Omnia II (Unpacked)
Samsung Omnia II (Unpacked)

The battery is pretty huge. And with such high graphics and so much of exploring all day long, besides the other activities, this phone somehow manages to keep up the battery up for long durations. After the very first charging, i used it for good 60 hours before the next charge. That’s 2 and a half days. It’s pretty pretty good. For the specs, it has a 1500 mAh battery.

The camera is super cool. I haven’t experienced such a camera in any cell phone that i have owned previously. It has 5 megapixel auto focus camera and it has a dual LED flash which is really strong. The best features are the Geo-tagging, face detection, smile detection, image stabilization, super Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), D1(720×480) video recording at 30fps and QVGA @120fps.

Samsung Omnia II
Samsung Omnia II

I have three cellular phones after taking out Nokia E71 and replacing it with Samsung Omnia II. Ofcourse, it’s the biggest phone that i own as it is much bigger than iPhone! Here is some comparison pics. The junior on left is Sony Ericsson’s S500i. I just can’t it let it go for some reason and it has been with me for last 3 years or so. πŸ™‚

Sony Ericsson S500i & Samsung Omnia II & Apple iPhone
Sony Ericsson S500i & Samsung Omnia II & Apple iPhone

Another look at these cellular handsets from a different angle:

Sony Ericsson S500i & Samsung Omnia II & Apple iPhone
Sony Ericsson S500i & Samsung Omnia II & Apple iPhone

I can really go on and on about the cell phone. I haven’t even described half it’s features yet! I guess right now it would be best to let the small specs do the talking

  • General: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
  • Dimensions: 118 x 59.6 x 11.9 mm
  • Display: 3.7-inch 64K-color WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, 480 x 800 pixels, Advanced Resistive Touch
  • Memory: 8/16GB storage memory, hot-swappable microSD card slot (up to 32GB)
  • OS: Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with custom TouchWiz 2.0 UI with 3D effects
  • CPU: 800 MHz
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP, standard microUSB port, standard 3.5mm audio jack, GPS receiver with A-GPS
  • Accelerometer for screen auto rotate
  • DivX/XviD video support
  • FM radio with RDS
  • DNSe
  • Battery: 1500 mAh battery

Some people might face the problem of changing the font size in Samsung Omnia II. The font size in text messaging and related function is very large in size. To shorten the text size in Samsung Omnia II, you will first have to Seetings >> General Settings >>Samsung TouchWiz UI >> Disable Samsung Touchwiz UI. Now come back to main screen. Click on Start…there will be two Settings option. One will be the same one you accessed earlier. The other will be right at the bottom of the menu, just above “Help”. Click the Settings tab. In the bottom of screen you will see three tabs named “Personal, Sytrem and Connections”. Tab the system panel. In there you will see an option for Screen. Click on it and it will show you “Align screen” page. In the bottom there will be another panel called “Text Size”. Now make the size work as per your comfort. After you are done with this, you can enable Samsung TouchWiz again. Font size will not revert to old one. πŸ™‚
I just searched for the same problem but couldn’t find any answer. Now that i do have the answer, i thought why not spread the message!!!!
If you have some queries about the phone or it’s features, then do let me know about it. Always here to help you out!

Share With Your Family & Friends!!!

29 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia II GT-18000

  1. Sharat your enthusiasm is infectious and I wish that I was as much into mobile handsets as you are. I am more old fashioned and use my handset only for telephony and sms period. This post will however be of great interest to some of my more hep friends and I am sending them the link so that they can see for themselves the research that you have done.

  2. I will take the enthusiasm comment as a compliment. It’s always good to know that i can help some people with my decisions. Maybe on a later stage, i will direct this enthusiasm in a much better direction.
    As for handset research, well this time it’s rather love at first sight. I have had many touch screen enabled handsets in the past, so this was rather an easy choice! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Nicole, i really think you should get some profile picture of yours at gravatar. You post lot of comments which i really do appreciate. But your gravatar shows this animated cartoon which really is not very pleasing. Sign up with and add your email and a nice profile picture. Even if it has to be one of your own pic. Think about it. It would only take two minutes.

  3. The Omnia still looks slow like the current gen of phones (HTC touch HD, diamond 2) What HTC have done with the 1gig processor will be the reason people should wait.

  4. Jim, i really hate HTC Diamond for some reason. I don’t like the shape and the sound is terribly low. As for HTC Touch HD, i love that handset. It has the biggest screen i have seen and the phone is amazingly fast, besides having a great built quality. HTC was always my first choice and believe it or not, that’s the handset i went to shop for in the first place. Only realizing that a new handset is worth 32K INR and there are no second-hand handsets available anywhere in my city. Plus, i have heard that HTC Touch HD2 is already out in global market. Just not yet reached here in India! On the other hand, Samsung Omnia II was for 23K INR. It’s new and pretty fast. So why not!
    Moreover, even HTC Touch HD doesn’t have a loud enough sound system. I hope in HD2, i can get as good sound as Samsung provides, not in terms of quality but in terms of volume. I will sell Omnia and get that right away if that does happen!

  5. No problem Nicole. It’s a personal choice of privacy. I respect your decision. But at least do put up some avatar at Gravatar. Any Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Actress pic will do. It would look much better than the default cartoon!

  6. Your instruction to change font size couldn’t work. There’s no “Samsung TouchWiz UI” option after General Settings. Can’t seem to get any help online. Thanks.

  7. Hello Joo
    I spent 2 days myself figuring it out. And now that i have i am sure i can guide it in a better way.
    Go to Settings >> General Settings. When you are into General Settings, try to scroll down the list. In the end there is Samsung TouchWiz UI. Click on that and diable it. And then click the Start button, chose the windows settings in the end. Tap the “System” tab in the bottom and click the icon that says “Screen”. In the bottom there is another tab in Screen Menu that says Text size. Rest is your work! πŸ™‚
    If you still face the problem then just let me know the windows mobile version of yours!

  8. The Windows Mobile Settings Icon is not available on My Omnia 2 , even when turning TouchWiz off. I have found that changing the registry re-enables the Windows Mobile settings . Warning !- change registry keys at your own risk and back up everything! (I use SKTools)

  9. Hi Sharat
    Was just googling about this phone and saw your blog, very helpful thanks. can you just tell me where i can buy this phone and for how much? i cant seem to find it anywhere,

    Much appreciated thanks.

  10. BW, sorry but i cannot recommend that to my users. Could be trouble for those who do not understand that.

    Sachin, Hi!!!! I’m sorry but i really do not know where you are from! Could be much easier locating a dealer that way. If you are Chandigarh based you can get the handset from RajHans in sector-35. He is a friend and a renowned Samsung dealer as well.

  11. Hi,
    I just bought the phone and am not too sure how to use it. People say they are sending me text messages but I am not getting them…any advice?

  12. Hi, i read your blog and got some useful details.. its very useful..i’ll get back to you if need any help on this

  13. Greetings Sharat.
    Amazing amount of info above. Intending to buy Samsung Omnia II GT 18000 this saturday. It looks good, feels good, but just a few doubts

    1.Christine Says:
    December 9th, 2009 At 5:10 PM
    Hi, I just bought the phone and am not too sure how to use it. People say they are sending me text messages but I am not getting them…any advice?

    2. Jim Sullivan Says:
    October 30th, 2009 At 11:41 AM
    The Omnia still looks slow like the current gen of phones (HTC touch HD, diamond)

    Any truth in these two observations.?
    I would really appreciate your input.

    Your review with pics and comparisons is awsome.

    Gautam Modak.

  14. Hello Gautam,

    1. What Christine said was probably a carrier service error or some disturbed setting on the phone. I can’t say much about that.
    2. Jim is right. Samsung Omnia II is way slower than HTC Touch HD, HTC Hero, etc.)

    This maybe a little discomforting for you, but honestly, i have sold my Samsung Omnia II handset and am currently using HTC Hero and Sony Ericsson Naite. I had enough with Omnia II and the overall experience wasn’t pretty good. I would suggest you to try out HTC Hero or HTC Touch HD 2. I may come up with a review soon for those handsets.

  15. I just created a file called “Screen Settings.lnk” with the text

    22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,7,0?shellres.dll,-13906

    and copied it to

    \Windows\Start Menu\Programs

    Then you can launch the old settings from your start menu.

  16. I bought Samsung Omnia-II this January. This phone is really awesome.
    I am facing a problem with the PC studio. The internet connector is by default disabled. I called on the customer care but didn’t get any proper help. Can u help me out?
    Its been a month and i am unable to connect internet through my phone.

  17. Viraj, i am unaware of any such problem. I got rid of Samsung Omnia handset 2-3 months back. So i am really sorry but i have got no clue on how to fix the problem. I did try searching for a possible escape on internet, but i guess no one has an answer for this.

    However you can try to connect your phone in mass storage mode or activesync mode instead of PC Studio mode. Maybe that would help. Just a suggestion….

  18. I am using samsung gt 18000 omnia ii. Using internet is very good, but i don`t know that when ever i record any song through radio i got problem in my phone, phone ask me that memory is full. And also how to change the language of phone from arabic to english. Please solve my problem

  19. Hi Imran. I am not using Samsung Omnia II anymore. I got rid of it as it’s increasing ringtone problem was troubling me a lot. Anyways….

    Have you tried checking the options and storage options. Probably it’s somewhere there, you just have to select memory card in place of phone memory. As far as i remember whenever i recorded some video or clicked image, it use to ask me where to store the media. As for the language, it should be again there in phone options/settings. Just browse through the options carefully and you will find em. Good luck!

  20. Hi Azar,

    I am sorry but i do not know much about it now since i got a new BlackBerry Bold 9700.

    I am not recommending this software but it seems that this is the best one available for windows 5.0 OS for persian fonts. “”

    Please use at your own risk. I have never used it and am not endorsing it either. Thanks!

    BTW, search for Windows OS 5.0 instead of Samsung Omnia II. You will get better results that way. Good luck!

  21. In Hong Kong I purchased the Samsung Ol GT-18000 however it is in Chinese – how can I get it changed over into English (they promised they would do that – not) ; and, also, the instruction manual is in Spanish (they promised it was English)

    What can I do or where can I go to get this corrected so I can start using the phone.


  22. Hi,
    Don’t be get worried, the same problem I had for two times and it has been change into English. Tomorrow i will sent u how to change the language, Because today I didn’t carry my mobile.
    Bye, Have nice day.

  23. I got a Samsung Omnia ll from China. It runs on windows mobile OS and the language is Chinese. How can the language be changed to English…

  24. Ann Bhatia and Shadrac. Guys… Where on earth are you getting these phones from? Why do you even didn’t take a peek before buying the phone? Language and every little information is mentioned on the box that the phone comes in….

    Anyways, the least i can do here is that i can give the PC Sync in English from where on you can run your setup and see if it works. Go to Samsung Support for GT-I8000. Click on Downloads, then Software and there will be a 7.52 MB PC-Sync file. Just make it work from thereon.

    However i think it would be best if you take it to a Samsung service center and get it changed by experts.

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